“For the future, in case you’re wondering, ‘Crime. Boy, I don’t know’ is when I decided to kick your ass.”

President Josiah “Jeb” Bartlet.

I love that quote. It makes me laugh everytime.

The internet has produced a lot of things that people aren’t proud of. It has allowed a lot of people to produce content that seems cool at first, but then after a week you want to burn down all the servers that link to it. Then you soak your face in gasoline and make like an orange monk.

I have my share of dark, internet secrets.

I just found Students Against Bad Food, a site written by me and Collin Janes. This had to have been Freshman Year of college, and it was largely in response to the terrible food being served to us. The food in the Trojan Center, or TC, was awful for the longest time. Prices were extraordinary, and the quality of the food was minimal.

Things have gotten much better, due (in large part) to our website which, honestly, was never put online ever. Until just 5 minutes ago. And guess what – every link worked just fine right away no problem.

You know that “verification” thing? We got that from the “Warning!” page of a porn site. We wanted this page to have the same seedy underground feel to it, but we were too chicken to look at it. I mean, what if the one-step-ahead-of-you Computing Services guys caught us? My face would be SO RED.

Blinds, baby!