A Special Message

There’s just something about Bender that I find humorous. A talking Robot who smokes, drinks, and otherwise puts everyone down for the sake of a joke. Like how he is made Captain and begins calling Fry by the nickname “Wiggles”. And I just like his voice.

I got my second free item from Microsoft today. By virtue of accidentally getting two seperate cases for the same broken piece of hardware (my mouse), I managed to acquire two new pieces of hardware as a solution. The first was a new Wireless Optical Mouse. The second, which came today, was a new Wireless Desktop Freedom 2.0 keyboard / mouse combo. This, actually, is the next version of the wireless keyboard / mouse combo that I originally had. Except, this thing is an full-on upgrade.

“Come here, Bobby. Come on, boy. Come here, boy. Come on, Bobby.” I laugh everytime.

I tried one of those “Complete Meals” that my mum’s been on about. I’m starting to get frustrated with those meals in boxes. They seem to either come with too much food or not enough. In this case, I had already thawed chicken when I realized that they had included chicken. Stupid people. But, it all turned out alright. I made Chicken and Shrimp Fettucini Alfredo Casserole. It was pretty good.

My mom’s also always telling me I should do roasts. “They’re easy. You just set them up in the morning and they’re ready by supper time.” Well, for one, since when do I know what I’m doing for supper in the morning? But also, I’m not a big fan of the beef taste. Sure, I love steak. And I really enjoy hamburgers, but I’m really more of a chicken guy.

And it’s posts like these that explain why no one reads this website anymore.

I’ve been hacked twice now since moving to asmallorange.com. The first hack was [Forget.Me.Not]. Some Saudi Arabian group managed to delete all the files and folders. But, thankfully, one quick jump into the MT admin and I managed to rebuild the whole damn thing. But, lately, I lost Travel. This hack didn’t take out any files or folders – it just deleted my posts. Well, yes and no. If I go to “Manage Posts” nothing shows up, but under the Main Admin page, I can see all 4 of my posts. I looked over my main template, and I’m not sure if it was altered or not. It’s either my templates were changed or my admin skin (which makes my WordPress admin page look like Mac OSX) is acting up. From all of the options that I found, the page should be showing the last 11 posts, not the last 11 days, so no matter when I posted, they should show up.


KT Brass would not believe that I went to Costa Rica. And Molly thought I was lying at first, too. You make up one story and pay for it the rest of your life.

I am currently renting a digital video camera from the university. I’m elated and terrified at the same time. I did some screen tests that only proved that I’m going to need a lot of light and that I don’t look very good one screen. I might have to use that information when considering my character. Now I just need a firewire cable and a memory upgrade. If only Microsoft sold memory.

At work, John and I made some large advances in the design of Monitor.Net. Check out some real and mock-up screenshots at my Cresh.Net page. I actually like the real version slightly better than the mock-up. At least, I like the buttons a lot more.

Bah. Time for another chapter in Harry Potter 6, then I’m off to slumberland.

Zach Anderson – I have your copy of Eastbay magazine, and I will only give it back for something of equal or greater value from you.
And I don’t even like Eastbay