These Movies Will Suck Because…

I know you’ve seen adverts for Just Like Heaven. Here are some of my reasons why this movie will suck.

  1. I don’t like Reese Witherspoon
  2. It looks like the 6th Sense as a chick-flick
  3. Mark Waters‘ last film was Mean Girls
  4. His film before that was Freaky Friday
  5. The line, “If we can touch, do you think I might wake up?”
  6. The line, “I think she has some pretty intense feelings for you, bro.”
  7. Jon Heder isn’t playing Napolean Dynamite, which is the only role he will ever be known for

Okay, if you’re looking forward to that, then you’ll love Undiscovered.

  1. Ashlee Simpson
  2. I don’t like movies that give teenagers adult-esque dramatic situations
  3. It looks like The Doors as a coming-of-age pre-teen chick-flick
  4. Meiert Avis‘ last film was Jennifer Lopez: The Reel Me
  5. Four of his films before that were U2 music videos.
  6. The line, “Rockstars can’t have girlfriends.”
  7. The line, “He wants to make it, but on his own terms.”
  8. Ashlee Simpson

Fortunately, today is a Gilmore Girls marathon on the Family Channel. Unfortunately, I get to see all these commercials 7 or 8 times an hour. I have to find Gilmore DVDs somewhere. I am so confused with the haphazard way the WB and Family channels show their reruns and new episodes.

Gotta love TLC.

  • TLC 8 – 9p
    • Face Eating Tumor
      • Documentary
So many reasons