What Are The Chances?

Just when you were sure you would never see a Jurassic Park rip-off on the Sci-Fi channel starring Coolio, you were wrong. Let me introduce Pterodactyl.

Wow. If I’ve never seen a worse movie. This was a movie that was terribly naive about itself. First, it thought it was clever to jump on the Jurassic Park bandwagon. Even a read of the cable guide description called it “cliche” and “formulaic”.

I missed the very beginning, but this group of college kids end up at one of Turkey’s borders. And, apparently, an earthquake released Pterodactyls into the area. Then there’s a group of American Special Ops soldiers, led by Coolio, and some group of people who had accents that the Americans wanted to shoot. It was terrible.

New version of Movable Type. It’s not too bad. I haven’t found a whole lot that is useful or mind-blowing that I didn’t use before. A decent-sized change to the interface.

It seems, however, that the Movable Type system is completely unusable in Firefox. I just tried to post in Firefox, and clicking the “Save” button did nothing. Then, I opened Movable Type in IE and not only does it work, but it looks really nice. Even the icons are different. It’s as if Firefox is only good enough for black and white, crappy icons, colors, and functionality.

I’m a little hurt. I had so much respect for MT, but it now appears that I might be switching to WordPress. I haven’t completely made up my mind, but I like the fact that WordPress is written in PHP, which makes me feel more comfortable in writing and altering plugins and templates and the wordpress engine itself.


I’m so tired. I don’t understand it.

Working on some things. Hopefully done soon. Finished HP4. Starting on Mein Kampf, Rapture of Canaan, and Canadian Spies, a gift from Molly.

I’m so tired. I haven’t slept a wink.