Oh, The Drama

Last night was the first meeting for Fear the Turkey this year. And also, my first attempt at being a student leader. I could tell by how often Megan corrected me, reminded me, or told me to get moving, that I’m not very good at this. Hopefully, I’ll improve as the year progresses.

This week should prove to be busy. Wednesday there is the Activities Fair, which I’ll be at from 10 until 1. Then later on Wednesday I’m going to present in front of the Spanish class about our trip to Costa Rica, complete with pictures. Then on Friday the Marshall group (plus Tony) is coming down for the LAN Party. I might spend a couple hours on Saturday gaming with them. It’s not like TV’s any good on Saturday anyway.

Then next week is Homecoming. We’re gonna have a kick-ass float for the Parade. Plus, there is the Freshman showcase auditions sometime during that week. That means that I have to pick or write a script quick. Probably not write. I’ve been thinking too cinematical lately. I wrote a short screenplay called “Simply Talking” that I want to start working on filming. I don’t know if I would be right for the lead part, though, and it’s so hard to get people together to film things. Because of time constraints, I might have to rethink main character casting choices, because the person will probably not be available.

The new EP, This Is Bigger Than You And I, by The Secret Handshake was released today. I preordered it, so I got it yesterday. Check out this media page for an AIM icon and even a wallpaper.

Ok. I’m in class, so I should go. The teacher just spent 15 minutes explaining hyperlinks. Oh, wait. There are more slides.

Let’s drive across the country

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  1. Wow – I really love the look of this!!! Very nice – I love the color and the flower!

    Great work!

    And I only corrected you because we needed to keep the meeting moving:D I didn’t mean to step on anyone’s toes. You are a fantastic leader!

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