My Shadow Tags On Behind

My dreams have been really frustrating lately. I tend to wake up in the middle of them. So, that means that there are these gaping holes of plot, continuity errors, and illogical character behavior that I know would all be explained if I could get to the end. But, by the time I’ve awaykened enough brain cells to tell time, the dream is gone, and I’m left feeling a loss that I cannot grasp nor can I fill.

This week was totally crazy. Monday, of course, was the first Drama Club meeting. Then, on Wednesday, we had the Activities Faire. I spent Tuesday night working on a prop-up backdrop and decorating it with quotes from movies. Oh, yeah, and Drama Club info. We had two raffles going: one was “Guess what ‘Fear the Turkey’ means” and the other was “Guess the weight of the turkey”. I had thought that we weren’t going to do that one, but that’s what it said in the minutes. So, not having enough time to actually purchase a turkey, Tiffany suggested that I tape a sign to myself, instead. I did. Everyone had to guess my weight.

Some people were very nice in their estimates, and other people were either trying to be funny or trying to hurt my feelings. In any case, those people did not win. I just picked the five closest guesses for both questions, placed them in a baggie, and drew one. The winners will be announced on Tuesday.

Later, Wednesday, Lynn Ryan asked me to present to her Spanish class about the trip to Costa Rica that I was on. I was supposed to present with Jordan Morren, but he had to “work” and “was really sorry” that he “couldn’t make it”. Lynn had requested that I do as much of the presentation in Spanish as possible, but I was so fried from the day that I wouldn’t manage more than a greeting. Besides, I figure they need a day off. ;)

That night I didn’t get home until 8:30, and I’d never had lunch. Then I had to call my dad because we couldn’t get his internet to work in his office. Then we broke it inside the house. We worked on this forever, for hours, it seems. As of our last conversation, it still didn’t work.

Friday and Saturday I played host to Bryce, Tony, Chris Smith, Tyler Rolfes, and David. They all showed up for the LAN party on Saturday. Friday we didn’t do much. We ate at Lon’s Cocktail with Carl, Dotcom, and Jeff. It’s always a good meal there. Then we headed back and watched some Aqua Teen Hunger Force before trying to sleep through the loudest thunder I’ve ever heard in my life. The thunder would shake all of my windows. Then I looked out at the street and there was no rain.

The next day we eventually made it to the LAN party. Then we hit China Moon only to be quite disappointed with the spread. Collin was with us, and he goes, “Boy, this place sure went downhill, didn’t it?” The truth is, it hasn’t, but the buffet was so bad that I couldn’t help but feel ashamed. Chris Smith didn’t even eat there, despite the fact that I got him a plate of donuts and a plate of fried chicken. Ungrateful…

We were almost done with our first game of the day, a round of AoM (during which I was doing really well), when the phone calls started. Bryce get a call, then he gets another, then I get a call. It’s my dad. While I’m talking to him (while the game’s still going), my mother calls. Then Kelly sends me a Yahoo! Messenger message. And everyone has the same thing to say, “Dirk’s team is playing your team.” Well, no kidding. I think we already knew that. “You guys should go see it.” Well, no kidding. I think we were already going to do that. I was a little short with my father, and I really wanted to finish the game. We went and watched the game. Dirk’s team won, though he didn’t get to play. We did get to talk to him for all of ten minutes as he walked off the field. Then it was back to gaming.

The rest of the party went okay. There were very few major glitches, we managed to get things installed with little difficulty, and I think we all had fun. We packed up. Tony and Tyler headed home. Bryce, David, Chris and I headed back to my place. Then the creepy, annoying kids who live next door to me knocked on my door wondering if we wanted to “combine parties, not like alcohol, but, like, people, to mingle”. I managed to say “No” in a socially acceptible way, then closed the door. Then we practiced giving speeches the rest of the night.

The next day we hit church, then 2nd Street Diner, then I hit homework hard trying to learn this math markup program so I could turn in a late Discrete Math assignment. I didn’t feel like cooking, so I got real China Moon, watched some TV, did more math, and still haven’t set my computer back up. It just sits in parts around my apartment.

And now it’s Homecoming. Cowboy Up. I don’t see my life getting any less crazy any time soon. Megan’s going through the same sort of thing, which is probably why I only see her or hear from her when we have class together. We’re just too busy for each other. Oh, well. Maybe it’s better that way. If you never spend time with someone, you can’t fight with them or hurt them or get hurt by them. Though, I don’t think Hitler spent one day in Israel, and he still didn’t appear to be that big a fan of Jews. I’m not saying that I’m Hitler and that Megan’s a Jew or something.

Oh, just nevermind.

I’m scared of this Bell Jar bell curve