The Crow

The Crow would have been a much better movie if they had waited a couple years before making it. I think that there were a lot of movies that suffered from being too ambitious for the 90s. Technology had come so far, but it hadn’t come far enough to do what everyone wanted and dreamed. Even now, we fall short, but with a good crew, we can do almost anything these days.

The scene when makes a raven outline in fire is still pretty cool, no matter how old the movie is.

I’ve been playing The Sims 2 compulsively. I even skipped lunch yesterday; that’s how obsessed I am with that game. I had breakfast before, though, so it all works out. Sometimes I wish I had a little meter that told me when I tired, hungry, or uncomfortable. Then I could eat until the meter is full, and then I wouldn’t be hungry at all sorts of odd, random hours for no reason. And I also wouldn’t be so dead tired all the time.

ASP.Net is going better. But I still cry at night. Yet, who doesn’t these days?

Over-easy! I like them over-easy. Mom.

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  1. Hey Miles,

    I’m still a reader! I can relate to your post. All sumer I was obsessed with The Sims 2 and when I didn’t feel well, I was hungry, or basic needs like that, I would think my ‘meter’ wasn’t full enough. It’s crazy how you can become so focused on a game.

  2. I just discovered the “Make Your Own Family” part of the program. Now I really DO have a meter. I was going to make Me, Megan, and David all roommates (oh, the hilarity) but I made David our son instead. He wears a pirate hat and face paint.

    Now things are just weird. :(

  3. I told ya it was addicting miles. Just think how mad you would be now if i hadnt introduced it to you. I spose if i hadnt introduced it to u, u wouldnt even know the difference. Nevermind me im what they call slow. Um “Ninja Vanish!”

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