My Life As A Woman

I’m tired. And I’m doing some math modeling.

Worked on the Drama Club float tonight. The turnout for this, despite the many emails I had sent out, was extremely poor. What was even more disappointing was that only one person had responded to me giving me an excuse for not being able to help out. Everyone else just decided they had better things to do, apparently.

What they missed, however, was me in a dress, stockings, wig, bonnet, and boobs. Add makeup and a bottle of beer and you have my typical Saturday morning. Bob and Ben made sure to take plenty of pictures which should be on the internet soon. Now, in fact.

Oh, well. We had pizza. We got David on the float. We are looking pretty kick-ass.

This music video from the new Sigur Rōs album makes me want to go to Iceland. Does anyone know what Glōsōli means?

2 Replies to “My Life As A Woman”

  1. So sorry for not making it. In fact, I don’t even have an excuse – I think I might have a sinus infection or perhaps strep throat (however that is spelled). I was going to go to the doctors today – but didn’t make that either, once again, no excuse.

    I am sorry until forever!

  2. That’s alright, Miles. We know you were “working hard” as a woman lastnight. All of that rough sex with drunken males will make you tired.

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