Kid M

This guy guards the cross-walk on 2nd street, right before Chicago Avenue, and everyday that I drive to work, I wave at him, but he just scowls at me. I don’t get it, because I make sure to drive below the speed limit.

I feel like Fog today. And I’m not very customer service friendly, either. Pounding headache, chilly all day, tired, scratchy and irritated eyes. I feel very sick, though I may be milking it a smidgeon. I emailed all my morning obligations with intents to work on math and relax. Then I fell asleep and woke with hardly any time left to finish the little I had left on Discrete and Modeling.

Because of my nap I had to grab some lunch as I drove to work, which was McDonald’s and only made me feel worse. And I have to put on a good face for the club. Smile and whatnot. Freshmen Showcase auditions are tomorrow and I haven’t even decided on a script yet. I’ve wanted to use one that I wrote, but I sent it to some people to read, and no one’s gotten back to me. I mean, I want to use it, but if it’s crap, I don’t want to waste my time directing it.

I want a digital camera. So I can be full on artsy-indie. All the hipster doofus kids have digicameras so they can capture odd moments and pretty flowers. I have a real camera, but I can never get the quality I want with scanning pics. Plus, it’s so much work. Then there would be something up here besides just words. Boring simple words.

I’m so much more elegant before I try to speak.

As it turns out, I may do the tech intern thing in Pierre this year. And I might not even need the GRE for Amherst. At first I thought I had to take two Subject Tests. Talk about meltdown material. I do have to get my application going, though. I’m getting eager to leave. I think the MidWest definately has it’s advantages, but I’m ready for something new.

I slip away. I slipped on a little white lie.

I am Kid M. I live in this song; thank you for visiting.

You’re giving me chills.