Alright. I’ll admit that that last post was a bit difficult to comment on. I should stick to rambling about TV shows and movies instead of “feelings” and “poetry”. No one likes poetry anyway.

‘Nother Drama Club meeting tonight. Except this time we had about 1/15th of the people. And things were going so well. The meeting itself progressed pretty nicely, but it’s hard for 6 people to get out of hand.

Got to watch Arrested on TV again. G.O.B. made up the word, “protestacular”, which Tobias then turned into “prostatacular”. And then 4 different chicken dances at the same time. Charlize Theron was in this one. I’m increasingly impressed with her acting choices. Monster, while sometimes hard to stomach, was a great movie, and she was really good in that film. Seriously, if you’re not watching Arrested Development, then you’re a retard.

I’ve never been a big fan of radio music. I know some people who love to crank 104.7 whenever the new hip-hop/r&b MTV remash party song comes out and sing along with whatever perverted, self-negating lyrics come out, but those people make me feel lightheaded, so it’s a good thing that I’m not driving. I have to admit, though, that that Outkast song, “I Like The Way You Move” has a pretty neat bass line. I listen just for the beginning bars of the bass line, then I turn the radio off again.

*sign* I should be doing homework. Alright. I’ll get on with that.

“You know what happened to Nick. It just got me thinking, ‘Life is so short,’ you know? It’s almost shorter than we want to ever believe.”
“Live for the day.”

Life’s too short to drag along so much baggage.