Good News (And Bad News)

Good News: I got Mini Opportunity 02 back in Math Modeling today, and I gots 10 out of 10. Finally.

Good News: Megan is back in Madison, and she seems to be doing okayish, as far as I can tell. Haji made her a sign. That crazy turtle, getting into my art supplies, trying to cheer Megan up. That kid’s got moxie.

Bad News: Her grandma hasn’t made much of a change one way or the other. It’s now just waiting, and that can be even harder. I feel bad that there isn’t more I can do for Megan and her family. I guess all I can do is stand back, try to keep her spirits up, do something sweet from time to time, and just wait and pray.

Author: Miles Rausch

I've made a smart playlist of all the songs with 0 plays. I listen to them because I feel bad for them not because I like the music. I'm THAT guy.