Strange Days

I never thought it would happen. Well, I knew it would happen, but I never thought it would happen quite so soon. If you’ve ever met Collin Janes a particular set of words comes to mind: loud, 1970, drunk, and butt pirate. So who would have thought that he’d be getting married??

On Saturday, in the forgotten town of M… something, Collin Janes tied the knot (figuratively) with Emily Zimmer (literally). It was a nice ceremony. Catholic, even, so I didn’t have to go to Mass on Sunday. Score, Collin and Emily. Carl and Jeff were both there. I got to use two jokes.

1) “So, how do you guys know Collin?”
2) “It’s so nice seeing a homosexual couple at a Catholic wedding.”

Neither of the jokes had quite the delivery to send them home. Plus, we were still in the church, so I was trying to keep my voice down a little. Outside they gave us bells and bubbles, except the winds were 75 mph, so bubbles were dumb. I, of course, grabbed some bubbles and quickly abandoned them to the ground, exclaiming, “Hey, kid. Pick up your bubbles.”

Carl, Jeff and I started making fun of this truck. It had flames painted on it, but they made the flames look camouflage, which didn’t really stick out on a black pickup. Then this guy turned around and gave us a look, and it turns out that it was his truck. It was, though, really ridiculous a paint job. I hope he changes it and at least does urban camouflage.

Neither of us had any idea where the reception was, and Collin’s yellow convertible just kept going in circles, so we followed a whole bunch of cars, all of us piling in Jeff’s new Passat. There was a wave of panic, as it appeared that everyone was going to Sioux Falls. Thankfully, they stopped in Humboldt. Then we turned around so we could get our respective cars. Carl asked me if I really did get them pacifiers, to which I answered “Yes”, since it was the truth.

At the reception, they served us food. We had fried catfish. No, there was meat, rice, lettuce, olives, tomatoes, and two types of taco shells. That called “taco pie”. We joked around and had a good time. I got so wasted. And I tried driving home and almost wrecked twice. No, actually, none of us had any alcohol. Actually I didn’t even get any punch. I think the kitchen was a bit under-prepared or under-staffed. Oh, well. We had delicious Sparkling Apple Cider.

In other news, I finally bought a digital camera. This totally rocks. I’ve wanted one for so long I can’t think of when. I have a great practical camera and now I’m going to have a really good digital. It’s theCanon PowerShot A510, and it would seem that I got a good deal on it, too. And it’ll go great with this new photo gallery I found called ZenPhoto. More on that later.

Improv Troupe auditions were last night. They felt good. Acting is a really good release for me. I act all humble, but I like being on stage. It’s a toss-up for which I like better, directing or acting. And, of course, I’ll always enjoy writing. Afterwards I went to Holly and Bob’s to eat ice cream and watch a movie. Then I got home and went straight to bed. The strangest things can happen after you go to bed…

Author: Miles Rausch

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