The End

So, some news. The wake was Friday. I booked it from my Math Modeling test to Gregory. I missed an Irish tenor doing “Danny Boy”, but I made it for a story about bean dip being penance. It was a funny story, but I can’t remember enough of it to post it.

Everyone came by the Red House to eat and socialize. They stayed until about 11pm or something. Then Saturday was the funeral. That was tough. I didn’t cry at the wake, but I did cry at the funeral. I think the entire town turned out for the event. At the very end, they played “Into the West” from the Return of the King soundtrack. Travelled to the cemetery. It was all quite emotional.

Then back to Madison. Rented Harvey and To Kill A Mockingbird, but I haven’t watched them yet. I was feeling drained from all the driving and emotions and stress of the week, so I crashed at 9:30pm and I slept until 9:45am. And, wow, did I feel better.

This whole weekend got me thinking about my own grandparents. And mortality. And death. And the complexities and confusions of inter-personal connections between people, and the effects that societal constraints have on them. I did a lot of thinking.