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I’m kinda disappointed in TV this year. And, on the other hand, there are a lot of good shows out there. Here’s my rundown.


The Gilmore Girls. Since the end of last season, Lorelei and Rory have been out of sorts with each other. Rory quit Yale, and Lorelei blew up at her, understandably so. One of the greatest parts of the show was the banter between mother and daughter bestfriends. There may be hope, though. In the last episode, Lorelei’s parents finally came to believe her about things with Rory. Does this mean a reunion soon? Does this mean a reconciling?

The West Wing. Wow. We saw the beginnings of this at the end of last season, but now it’s offical: The West Wing is no longer funny. Never have I noticed such a distinct change of directing, writing, and storytelling in a TV show. Consider this to be The West Wing II. The show has this new “digital documentary”-type feel to it. The writing is largely un-funny. They try putting in an “oh, this is so ridiculous” side-plot to most episodes, but it loses the feel. I may just stop watching.

How I Met Your Mother. So, the previews made this look like a really funny show. A peek at the pilot tells me otherwise. It seems to be more canned, recycled jokes. This is REALLY disappointing as both Bob Saget, Alyson Hannigan, and Neil Patrick Harris as the charismatic, fast-thinking crazy best friend. Problems: Bob Saget is just a voice, Alyson Hannigan still looks 17, and Neil Patrick Harris’ character isn’t quite out there or funny enough to keep my interest. There was a really potentially funny part when he kisses another guy full on the lips to make a point about girls and signals, but I just didn’t laugh. I’m not even done with the episode, but I felt compelled to write this. Don’t watch this show if you want true comedy.

Not Disappointing

CSI. Just as red hot as always. This show gets better by the episode, and they love pushing the technical and storytelling envelope.

Arrested Development. This show has a new addition: Charlize Theron. She never ceases to impress me in her choices for roles. I am a little hurt that they have cut down the beginning intro, but the show is just as funny as ever.

The Office. This is Bryce’s new obsession, and I’ve caught the bug. Season 1 is on DVD somewhere, but I doubt Madison has it. The new season has just kicked off, though, so that’s exciting. The show has a sort of off-beat timing that makes me wanna write my own faux-documentary… again.

Supernatural. I was wary of this show. It comes on right after Gilmore Girls, and they built it up a lot. Then I watched the pilot, and I liked it. I’m not watching it religiously, but if I can, I’ll catch it. Basically, these brothers are trying to find their dad who investigates paranormal going-ons. And, by doing so, they have to investigate their own paranormal going-ons.

Shows that I still have to catch: Threshold (a midget!), Firefly (from what I’ve heard), and Lost (the hottest show on right now).

Ok. Back to the grindstone.

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  1. Lost is an awsome show. I never watched a full episode last year, but after listening to the funniest man on TV, Jimmy Kimmel who loves the show, i decided to watch it. Everyone should watch it every Wednesday on ABC. Woo Hoo!

  2. I have to completely agree with Arrested Development. Hard to believe it was almost canceled. I didn’t realize the West Wing used to be funny. I’ve only been hooked for this season and reruns of last season, so I guess I missed out on all the fun. Office is good, and I give two big thumbs up for Firefly. Where does The Daily Show rate??? And where is Scrubs??

  3. I don’t usually watch The Daily Show, though it’s usually entertaining when I watch it. Scrubs, however, is freakin’ awesome. But, is it on TV right now? I haven’t seen it in my magical online goodies bag, so it would appear that there aren’t any new episodes right now.

    So, yes, Scrubs is definately a fantasic show, and when / if it’s on TV I will definately keep everyone up to date. ;)

  4. The Office is the only tv show i watch right now and it is awesome. Otherwise i just watch attack of the show.

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