I Miss Duncan Nutter

David, originally uploaded by awayken.

This is my cousin, David. This was taken minutes before I introduced him to The Office.

Because I held rehearsal on Friday, David was unable to get a ride home. So, feeling bad for him, I’ve decided to look after him this weekend.

First thing: The Office.

We watched episodes from 9:00 on. He kept saying, “More, more! I need this show like air!” We watched the entire set of videos that I have, with adequate pauses for laughter, explanation, and rewinding. It was finally 12:40 by the time I took him home.

Why do you think the orcs ransacked and destroyed the mines of Moriah? Was it strategic? Or was it just a coicidence, so to speak?

Remember Duncan Nutter? His name was a classic self-referential moniker, the likes of which you would only find in comic books. That and he was so freakin’ nuts that you couldn’t help but be entertained and fascinated.

I should start taking my camera out with me when I leave the apartment. Currently, I am quite afraid of scratching the screen. I will either have to buy a camera case, use the (large) one that I have, or figure out some sort of makeshift solution.

I’m tired. Maybe I’ll fall asleep in my chair.

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  1. Nice pic. The Office is a great show. By the way im going to watch the Office in a half hour cuz its on at 8:30. SWEET!

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