Runner’s Lung

Supper: 15 Oct 2005
Supper: 15 Oct 2005, originally uploaded by m!les.

Stir fry chicken (with baby corn, broccoli, mushrooms, and cellophane noodles), pork and shrimp egg rolls, sweet and sour sauce and milk.

Another weekend in the bag, as they say in the biz.

This, ladies and gents, was my oriental meal. NOTE: cellophane noodles may come in a large package, but (despite your thinking) DO NOT cook all of them for a meal. For one thing, the feel and volume and size of them remind me of tape worms.

I would like to say, though, that the meal was really good, and the stir-fry flavoring was just enough, even though the cellophane noodles soak up all the sauce. I really wish I would have had more chicken, though.

Went in to work on Saturday and Sunday. Sunday I had to fix the graphics that I made on Saturday. And, all the while, I was rocking The Office hard.

After mass, David and Mark went to 2nd Street Diner. We got our food, afterwhich Dave regretted getting an omelette. “You know, I’m not such a fan of eggs.” Then we quoted my play. Then at the end, I was going for a physical gag, drinking for a long time, and I ended up almost drowning.

Came home, went to work, came back home, at leftovers, and then I went off to Improv practice. It was a decent practice. I led the “Follow the Leader”, which was a bad idea. I did a lot of running, and now my lungs are complaining.

I was a bad blocker tonight. I got called on it like 10 times. We spent 30 minutes trying to get a title for an action movie and another 30 minutes trying to decide what our shirts should look like. Downtime is bad.

Then I came home. Ryan Glanzer’s on Facebook now, and added me as a friend, so I checked on that, and I discovered that Holli Gregg called me a nerd and an idiot. So, I harassed her online for a while until we decided to be iFriends.

Then I watched 20oz. Mouse on Cartoon Network, which may shape up to be my next favorite random cartoon show. The animation is terrible, but I like the voice acting. There’s a part where a pink rectangle is talking to the crudely drawn mouse, and the mouse says, “It’ll cost you.” And the rectangle goes, “How much in the world is it?” and I laughed my buckle off. He did this strange emphasis to “world” that gave me giggles.

I mean, man-laughs.

Also, I wrote a song today called “Halfway Between Visible and Invisible.” I really like it. It has a “breakdown”, which would probably sound better with drums and on an electric guitar. Needs about 3 more stanzas, at least.

Alright. I’m going to bed. Drama Club meeting tomorrow, or some such thing.

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  1. How funny. I couldn’t sleep or anything, so I decided to come to your site. I was reading your Blog for the first time and discovered my name in this entry! How strange! You really aren’t a nerd or an idiot. But you definitely are my iFriend. And it rocks. Sorry I didn’t make it to the meeting today. I missed everyone. :) See you soon, I’m sure. If not…I’ll pretend to be struggling in Math and come get help from you at the Library or something. heehee B)

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