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Sheet Music
Sheet Music, originally uploaded by m!les.
“The Death of King Tut” will show October 26th and 28th in the Trojan Center Underground. The cost is one canned good. Check on our progress.

How is it that Rory and Logan have been dating a year, and tonight is the first time she’s ever said, “I love you”? Of course, he does the romantic thing and tells her that “I’ve told a lot of girls that I love them and not meant it. I don’t want to do that to you.” Pause. “Boy, that came out wrong.”

Then they make out. I missed half of tonight’s episode, so I’m kinda lost, but it looks like next week (*fingers crossed*) Lorelei and Rory reconnect.

I saw 12 oz. Mouse on [adult swim] on Sunday. Two parts made me laugh.

“No talk. Pay.”
“How much in the world is it?”
“Get in.”
“… then you threw up on a girl…”

I guess you had to be there. We’ll have to see if they make more episodes or not.

I’ve been more musical lately. Writing music. I made of list of songs I would play if I ever had an album or a concert. Problem is, most of the songs (that are mine) are unfinished or just feel unfinished. But, I guess you have to pick a point and say, “This song is done” or you can never write better songs.

The Office is on. It’s the Halloween episode. Dwight K. Schrute dressed up as a Sith Lord. B. J. Novak had this to say about the episode. Someone finally gets fired. And it’s nasty. But funny. This episode was a little more sentimental than the past ones have been.

Sentimental is not quite what I wanted.

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  1. “No. Not me. Not Dwight.” x(

    All of them were cats except for Meredith who looked like her skull was bashed in and her brain was visible.

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