The Death of King Tut

The Death of King Tut
The Death of King Tut, originally uploaded by m!les.

Ooooh, the big fight at the end! Queen Ank (Marci) finally confronts Prime Minister Ay (Andrew) while King Tut (David) enjoys his diced fig.

The Freshman Showcase is:

Wednesday October 26th

and Friday October 28

at 7:30 pm

in the Underground.

The reason we are doing it on Wed & Fri. is that the girl scouts are in there on Thursday night.

The cost is one canned good.

There are 4 plays:

“The Asshole Murder Case” directed by Paul Hotchkiss,

“Bus Stop” written and directed by Holly Smith,

“The Death of King Tut”,

and a Seinfeld episode about masturbation transcribed, edited and directed by Ryan Glanzer.

13 Replies to “The Death of King Tut”

  1. alright, i have been thinking about this play for the last day. since it is a play about a rehearsal of a play,,.. do you have the lighting guy and sound guy as actors? and stuff like that? there is a woody allen play like that, where everyone is in the play and things go on in the audience but its actually the play, 4 dimensional stuff. actors sitting with the audience but there problems are solved and it all comes down that everyone is an actor anyway.
    i am intrigued and am going to try to make it to this play since i have a couple days off next week.

    hope to see it!

  2. Well, if I could have made a large production out of it, I probably would have gone that way. As it is, the only audience member in on it will be the director (me), and the only other actors will be the three on stage.

    But, hopefully, you’ll get a laugh out of it. :(

  3. see you friday… if you want a free supper you need to let me know what time Bren and I need to be there to take you and David out… let me know

    molly won’t be there because it is Jessie’s birthday:-x

  4. Paula, I would love free supper. Just like old times!
    I guess it depends if my parents come down though. I suppose if they do you could fight them for me.:D

  5. Hey miles and david, your not gonna care about the play or anything else because your best bud Chris is coming to town to watch.

  6. Great job all… it was fun to watch and you guys can be very proud of yourselves… especially the writer

  7. We’ve all seen David’s brilliant work on this website. I think it’s safe to say that I am not worthy. :|

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