I’ll Be Right Beside You Dear

Posing for Pictures
Posing for Pictures, originally uploaded by m!les.

Well, the play is over. Actually, the play is 2 weeks cold. I think it went well. I got some nice feedback from people who watched it, so it would appear that all the stress I put myself through was worth it. Plus, I got to keep my vase.

I gave my camera to Tony Rolfes, and I trusted him with the documentation of my play. The results are documented in this wonderful album. I think that the last pictures, taken after the play, were actually Bryce’s work. Oh, well. No one has pictures of Jesus, and people still talk about him.

This past week was all about (unsuccessfully) getting my life put back together. My disheth over-floweth and still do. And my fridge is quite a bit empty. My mom always asks what she can bring me up, but I never know what I want for food until I start thinking about supper. And, by then, it’s too, too late. Speaking of which, I should put chicken out for supper tonight.

Tarradiddle Tales did their major run this weekend, as well. I saw the show three times. First alone, taking pictures, second with Bob, making fun, and third with Holli and David, just riding the ride. I have some problems with the script. It was written in the 70’s as a rehashing of folk tales from different countries (“maintaining the language where possible”) and then over-acted to make it entertaining. Yes, I have no life, but I did get entertained.

I’ve been watching The Office (British version) and while I don’t like it as much as The Office (US), it has given me a certain respect for Ricky Gervais and Stephen Merchant. So, I checked out their new show, Extras, that was on BBC-2 and HBO in July and August. I like it better than The Office (British), I think.

If you haven’t, check out Snow Patrol – Final Straw. It’s a really good album, and I’ve had it on my computer for ages, but I’ve never listened to it. Until now. And I’ve fallen in love with it. West Wing did their “Live Debate” episode on Sunday. I appreciate what they tried to do, but I was about as bored as I am when I watch a real debate. I’ve only just seen the West Coast version, and we’ll see how much different the East Coast version is.

Drama Club meeting tonight. w00t.

5 Replies to “I’ll Be Right Beside You Dear”

  1. >:) Do you have the gall to compare yourself with me? I can’t say that your play is anywhere near the importance of the passion. My publicist told me not to allow pictures, because it would hurt my image as saviour. What’s your excuse?


  2. I agree, the West Wing live episode was kind of flat. No sharp dialogue, and listening to Ellen talk about American Express for 2 minutes was kind of a drag. Do you think the next episode will be the “behind the scenes” during the debate?

  3. It doesn’t look like the next West Wing will be like that. But it would be kinda neat to see how Josh was reacting to everything.

    By the way, I was upset at Arrested Development for taking such a long break, but they totally made up for it tonight with two new, hilarious episodes. Though I missed the first 10 minutes of the first one.

    Oh, and never expect my mother to be supportive of anything ever.

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