A Dream Itself Is But A Shadow

UPDATE: Check out RyanGlanzer.com where I am the featured friend of the day, 11/14/2005.
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So quoth Shakespeare in Hamlet. Hamlet is a good play. Hamlet is nuts, man. I think it would be fun to play royalty on the dark decent into madness. I mean, Shakespearean English is so close to babbling anyway.

I’m full of hate right now. My weekend was full of hate, though the kind directed at food and studio execs.

Hate on Brownies
I now know how it can take NASA years to figure out what went wrong. The Drama Club sold concessions at a concert for Gordy Pratt last Friday. I decided to bring brownies, as I’ve made in the past with good results. I had planned my day so that the brownies would be done right before I had to leave. I finished the Seinfeld episode, grabbed the pan and a knife, and took off. (I had forgotten to grab the cash box, but I just drove back) I get there, go to cut into my brownies, and I discover that I have sucessfully created brownie cement mix. Sue thought that they would be good crumbled over ice cream, but what good is that at a concession stand? In any case, I’m still trying to figure out what went wrong. Did I use the wrong size pan? I swear that I used my 9×13 pan last time. Then, did I use two packages instead? I just don’t remember, and it’s driving me crazy. A White House Task Force has been assigned to the problem.

Hate on Winter
We split wood at my Grandma’s, and I wasn’t really dressed for slrain and ick that South Dakota has to offer. So, it’s chilly, it’s overcast, we’re working like dogs, and there’s a little bit of a sprinkle going on. I have just removed my jacket when lightening splits the sky in half, and it begins to downpour. What was funny was that my dad IMMEDIATELY shuts down the splitter and runs indoors. What was that? Mr. I-sandblast-around-the-snow was almost the first person inside. We got a little break, then right as we were getting done, it began to downpour again. This time we continued to work because we were so close, and my shirt got thoroughly soaked through. I was okay on Sunday (except for being sore) but then yesterday I really felt the effects of standing in the rain for twenty minutes. I did, however, get to the Drama Club meeting.

Hate on Snow
It’s snowing today. Of course. I hate snow.

Hate on Seinfeld
I totally missed this show. How did that happen? Where was I? I’ve been watching a lot of Seinfeld lately, due to the fact that I’m surrounded by all kinds of crazy Seinfeld Fans. This show was really a smart sitcom. It has an intelligence behind it that Arrested Development, The Office, and Scrubs all seem to mirror. I think my favorite humor comes in the form of insanity and incredulity. Really, truly and honestly, the world is insane. There is no overlying logic to anything. People, on and individual level, all act within the scope of their own logic, but as you zoom out, actions seem less and less logical. There is as much pain as there is comedy in this. To write shows like this, you have to see like God does, I think. In a way, it makes things seem okay in the long run, because nothing will ever make sense, so you just have to go where your brand of insane is the common one and get rid of things that you can’t make sense of.

Hate on Fox
Oh, speaking of Arrested Development, Fox has canceled the show. Well, it didn’t out-and-out cancel the show. It just put it away until December, and then said, “We only want 13 episodes this season. Thanks anyway.” Sure, the retards who cancelled Family Guy are going to keep Prison Break over one of the greatest comedies they have. Come on! While comedies like this reinforce my belief in God, news like this definately shakes my belief in God (or at least a benevolent one). The blog world has gone grape nuts over this news. One of the more cleverly titled blog posts has been Fox’s Arrested Development Cancelled: Retards More Influential Than Thought. I mean, Bryce was just getting into this show. I really think that they should have advertised it better and promoted it more. The writing is genius, and characters are all meaningful and creative, and I laugh out loud at every episode no matter how many times I watch it.

Hate on Drama Club Members
We only had three members show up last night. What the hell? It was disappointing. On the other hand, I ‘ve been a terrible President. Maybe this is a just a reflection of my leadership.

Hate on Web Application Programming I
I showed up last Tuesday for class, thinking that the worst that would happen would be that I had a late assignment. It turns out that we had a test, and I was totally unaware. We got them back, and I still got a 98%, but it shouldn’t have happened that way. I should love this class, but it’s so boring and slow and remedial. If these people are supposed to be professional web developers, this class should be a four week refresher. He’s not even teaching compliant code. The only good thing about that is that the pages we are writing are not large or complex enough to where being compliant will make much difference.

Oh, well. I guess things aren’t that bad. Except for Arrested. At least The Office is going strong.

6 Replies to “A Dream Itself Is But A Shadow”

  1. I semi stole that line from Red vs. Blue. Semi cause i replaced Creed with Office.

    I like Dragonball Z, Futurama, Family Guy, American Dad, Dog the Bounty Hunter, American Chopper, Ghosthunter. Just to name a few.

  2. I enjoy that you linked to my page and Glanzer’s when referring to crazy Seinfeld fans. It’s true that we’ve sparked your interest. I’m proud of you for spending so much time with it. It makes me smile. Once you’ve gone through the seasons, you can watch them randomly on TBS every weekday from 5-6. Props to you. :))

  3. finally, miles has turned to seinfeld. you should really check out “Curb Your Enthusiasm”. Even funnier than Seinfeld, Larry David the creator from sienfeld whom George is made from; lives life like you would expect George Costanza to do.

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