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Ben and Nate
Ben and Nate, originally uploaded by m!les.

On Wednesday, Holly and Bob invited me over to record a commentary track for the film “El Camino Del Librarian”, written and directed by Bob Davidson. I decided to capture the event on film. Also on the track, besides Holly and Bob and I, are Nathan Hoffman and his friend Ben. Ben was not in the film, Holly was a voice at the end, and Nate had a 1 minute cameo, but that’s how things roll when you’re indie. It was fun remembering back to when we made the movie. If DVDs have done anything to make movies better, the greatest thing they’ve done is allow actors, directors, and writers to comment on their work.

Well, I’d better get back to packing. Going to Minneapolis this weekend to watch the Gophers get spanked by some Bison. Or vice versa.

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  1. yup…Miles’ death was unfortunate. But atleast it happend with his best friend to his left his best cousin to his right and his favorite brother on his lap.

  2. Yup, it was just one gay orgy going on. But apparently chris had a problem with Miles being on the bottom to much. You two are going to have to fight it out between yoursleves. You little bitch!

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