Frosted Doorknob
Frosted Doorknob, originally uploaded by m!les.

If I ever had a situation comedy TV show, I’d call it “3,000 Miles”, and the main character, Miles, would be a Mary Kay truck driver with multiple-personality disorder. When he’s driving, the other personalities are characters that sit with him. Then he would meet interesting people on the route. Like that Mormon family that tried to convert him, or the serial killer that tried to lock him in the freezer, or the Val and Paula Rausch family, who simply drove Miles mad.

What’s the deal with my picture? I’ll give you a hint: “Brrrrrrrrrrrrrr”.

More about Thanksgiving later.

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  1. The West Wing episode where Bartlet “accidently” says that his opponent is stupid was on Bravo tonight. What are the odds??

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