The Long Overdue Thanksgiving Post

The Family
The Family, originally uploaded by m!les.

I suppose that is the best picture to start this off with. By the by, there are more pictures on my Flickr account, but there are many many more pictures in my photo gallery. So, check them out. I was going to do a picto-story like the Bison game, but then it takes so long to load the page. So, I’ll keep it down. Plus, I wrote most of this once before, then my browser crashed, so I’m going to shorten things up a bit.

The nearly first thing I did when I got home on Wednesday was to wake every relative I had looking for the Narnia books. Finally, after some phone tag, I got ahold of Sue, who used to own them but then donated (donated!) them to the Big Stone library. As luck would have it, being a teacher there, she had a key. We went in and stole/checked out the book I wanted, “The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe”. Note on that: I loved the book, but the ending battle was really anti-climatic. The narration follows Aslan to the battle who shows up when it’s nearly over. Right. Sure, the powerful, mysterious, talking lion is going to miss the biggest battle of his world’s history. Come on!

With that done, I had every intention of doing a ton of homework that week(end), but it never happened. In fact, that night was spent reading and probably doing other things, but I can’t remember because that was more than a week ago. In any case, bring on the food, right? We hosted Thanksgiving for a bunch of relatives this year. It was a good time. I got to play tech guy again. Five years learning everything from basic programming to web development to even developing my own computer language and when I come home I become Nick Burns, but without the attitude. This time was easy. I just reinstalled windows for my cousin.

Sue, Molly (drunk), Brenna
Sue, Molly (drunk), Brenna, originally uploaded by m!les.

I like that picture. Candid. Molly just grabbed the beer, and I snapped the picture anyway. And Sue? Well, she couldn’t really say anything, could she. That’s right. That night, when most everyone was gone the revelry became a quiet din elsewhere in the world, we … uh, this is rusty, too. Somewhere in there we made of list. And we wanted to play basketball, but the other Rausch’s tricked us, and we couldn’t play basketball after all. Anyway, we made of list of what we could do. If your name is on the list, we’re sorry. We had had a lot to drink, and we were feeling bitter.

In any case, we ended up driving around Ortonville looking for deer. We found a bunch, but we only got a picture of one. And it was fake. Headed home, did some boozing.

Victory, originally uploaded by m!les.

Did some deer victorying. Did some more drinking. Cut some people up.

The next day, Bryce and I drove to Aberdeen with Dan and David. Bryce and Dan started a political debate, which I become moderator / antagonizer for. I was looking for some dialogue ideas, so I wrote down everything that they said, but I don’t know where I can use it. Hopefully soon. We got there, did our quick business. We ate in the mall. We saw Nick Kreasol (sp?) in the mall. Boy was THAT awkward. Nice one, Bryce.

Drove home. Played basketball. Left 30 messages on Tony’s cellphone. All four of us did. It rocked. Basketball was killer. I got some pics. I brought my book, of course. It was a good time. Narnia is fascinating. Went back home. Did something there. Everything’s just kinda foggy. I’m also distracted on account of math. My dad has been brewing his own beer, and that was the beverage (unmarked) of choice for the week(end).

Saturday. I tried even harder to get homework and some writing done, but it was not so. Ended up watching National Treasure, which wasn’t terrible. And, Diane Kruger is cute, even if I had issue with the slapdash form of “historical” reference and legend. I will say, Riley got to me. I think it was how he’s pasted all over the DVD’s special features. And I didn’t find him particularly funny.

That night we played us some games and watched The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy. And, I must say, I loved it. I had put off seeing it because I knew that every geek would be running to see it. I was also worried that it would let me down. Cool thing: the lead actor in Guide plays Tim in the British version of The Office. Small world.

Lindsey didn’t like it.

We played games after that. Again, the games went until forever. It was awful. The next morning, got up, did the church thing, played guitar, I had a killer solo during City of God where I played the guitar with my teeth, then I make the sign of the cross, light it on fire, and I toss it off the balcony into the aisle while saying the “Hail Mary” in latin. If done right, the whole crowd should be clapping in rhythm to the prayer.

Afterwards we did brunch. Then we hit up grandma’s and Karen endowed us with enough sugar to power China(‘s sugar cane crop), most of which I probably won’t get eaten before Christmas. I have been trying, though, to consume a cookie or muffin whenever I can. I think that’s it.

I don’t remember. I have no idea what was going on most of the weekend. I just know that most of us had a good time.

Bryce, Andy
Bryce, Andy, originally uploaded by m!les.

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  1. Hey, the weekends that you can’t remember are the best ones right ;) It sucked that we couldn’t tackle any deer, but it didn’t suck as bad as Bryce on the basketball court pictured above. You know i love ya bryce

  2. Ohh… i forgot… we went to Dashboard Confessional tonight. There lead singer Chris says, “Did you guys hear that Arrested Developement was canceled?” Then the crowd bood, and he said, “I know, write a letter… I did”… So there are celebrities pulling for the show with you.

  3. Happy Thanksgiving, sorry I missed another Big Stone pile of awesomeness. maybe next year I’ll be back for more turkey and some of your Grandma Miles’ stories about leaving the plastic on the pie crust. Classic. And you know had I been there we sure as hell would have found a deer. Just saying.

  4. Yeah, this year there was no Tip and Alyce tag-team storytime.

    We might have to help them along. A couple slashed tires aught to do the trick…

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