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Outside, looking Down
Outside, looking Down, originally uploaded by m!les.

I’m really eager for WordPress 2.0. I have a blog that uses it, on the WordPress site, but I want it here! Where I have control of it!

This weekend was nice. As you read, David came over on Friday night. On Saturday Collin and Emily came up. Apparently the Zimmer family goes Christmas shopping in Madison every year. Why Madison, you ask? Emily and Collin didn’t know either. I figure, if you’re doing shopping, you go to Sioux Falls, right? But, no. I guess Madison’s Books And More is a much better place to shop.

They stopped by later, too. We hit the China Moon, and boy was it good. We hit at just the right time. It wasn’t very crowded, yet the food was fresh. Strange incident. We get there, and there are two or three take-out bags on the chairs. The cashier lady, looks around, and then grabs them and puts them in the back room. Unrelated, seemingly, is that the bathroom door appears locked. We grab some food, chow down, and I go back to (hopefully) use the bathroom. I go back, chow down some more, and suddenly a guy is walking out with those 2 or 3 bags of take-out. A guy who did not enter but is now leaving. I think he was in that bathroom for nearly 20 minutes. Also, this little Chinese boy would turn up the volume on the music at random. It was like the composer went crazy with unnecessary crescendos.

Then I watched Alegria (not as good as La Nouba) by Cirque Du Soleil. Then I tried going to bed. I’ve never been so hot. It got so that, at 1:44am, I had to do something. I tried to open my windows, but the storm windows are all frozen. So, what to do? Get out a hammer and pound the frames. Nothing (and no glass shattered, either). Then I tried the hot water in a spray bottle. This helped, but it also made everything slick (and ripe for a hell of a refreezing once the window is open). The trick was using a screwdriver AND a hammer to pry the window up. Then it took a while to cool down the room to sleeping temperature. It was 2:50 before I got to sleep. I tell you what – I did NOT want to get up for mass on Sunday.

There are two more additions to Holli’s blog and Tyler’s blog. It’s a blog orgy! If anyone else wants blogs, just let me know. I’m giving them out like XMas presents.

I keep getting distracted before I can write anything. I’m tired. Math… language processing… tired… Screw it. I’m going to bed. I’m sure I had more the say. Ask me about my bag of ice incident sometime. It’s hilarious. In a way that makes fun of me.

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  1. i think i saw you the other day.
    i think i waved after you passed.

    i think it probably doesn’t matter anyway.

  2. i thought i would get more mention of my visit. oh well, if anyone wants some extra webspace i have about 5 gigs and 300gb transfer left over for blogging.

  3. You were 1/3 of the post!

    Addendum: Collin visiting me in Madison was the best part of the weekend. Though, the kabobs were really good, it was also cool to hang out with Collin and Emily. It turns out (I don’t know if this is good or bad) that she has the same sense of humour that he does. AND she’s a big Office fan, so double kudos for that. I always thought Collin being married would be weird, but as he pointed out, it’s just so random and unlikely that it’s exactly the kind of thing Collin would do. No one would be nearly perfect enough for him as she is.

    Mazel tov!

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