I’m Sooooooo Tired…

Sleepy Hajisaurus 4
Sleepy Hajisaurus 4, originally uploaded by m!les.

Isn’t she cute? She looks like a tiny, shelled sleeping dinosaur.

If this post ends up making no sense, it’s because I stayed up all night helping to make XRML with John Larson. For the amount of time we actually worked on this thing, we did spectacular things. As Tom said in class, “This was a great idea a month ago.” If there’s anything I can do, though, it’s perform. So, at least our presentation was entertaining. I would really like to get XRML to work though. I mean, it even has a cool pronunciation: zermal. I think I’m going to work more on this.

I’ve also been sporting my sweet new scarf, courtesy of Holli Gregg. She just asked me, out of the blue, what colors I would like in a scarf. So, I said maroon and teal, which also happen to be the very first colors I ever used on a “major” website. I like maroon because it’s like red that’s seen better days. It’s got a darkness to it. I made her two CDs as a thank you: And she thought, “How cold it is!”, And these songs gave her warmth. It was mostly a sampler of Miles Music to see if I can convert yet another. Tony, you’re next. Lindsey will tough to crack.

We had Improv rehearsal last night, and I think it was the best one we’ve ever had. Also, Sue wasn’t there. But mostly, we were just all excited and having a good time. Sound Effects got kinda crazy. Marci walked on stage ready for blood. Our “fast food restaurant” scenario quickly became a boiling oil fight, and then I got carried away and started making my own sound effects, so then Holli got mad at me, and I was in another fight. Then everyone called me a midget. Those guys are great friends.

During Art History, Holly Smith showed me the new DVD that she and Bob Davidson put together. I really like the menus, which are just handwriting on a notebook. I think Bob made mention of the fact that lazyiness won out over high tech menus. But, I thought they were creative. I want a DVD. And (*sigh*) I’ll even pay the starving artists.

I’ve been all about Sigur Rós lately. I really like Takk. Their music seems perfect for winter. And, really, you can take any music video, slow it down, add their music, and you have a philosophical or political statement. Their new video for their song Hoppípolla. And be sure, if you’re a fan or wanting to become a fan, to check out their Reykjavik concert for free online.

Today the snow was holding onto the trees. Then the sun made it fall to the ground, and it looked like the sidewalks were covered in coconut shavings. I don’t like coconut, but I appreciate the shape (and it’s multiple uses).

Ok. Homework time. Man…. I am so tired. I’m serious.

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  1. I am in love with Haji I think. Well, not really. But she’s gorgeous. Funny thing I thought of while reading…we both indirectly and somewhat unintentionally keep eachother warm with our gifts. Hmm. 8|


    PSS – I thought later on, that instead of “yelling in pain” for you during that game, I should have made “beep” censorship noises.

  2. I like coconuts because you can bang them together and make it sound like a horses’s hooves on a cobblestone road.

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