My Future Plans

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It has come to my attention, both by my Aunt Lonie and Megan Flynn, that there might be some confusion as to my future plans. This post is devoted to dispelling those myths.

I plan, when I graduate, to continue with my job at CRESH. What is CRESH? Well, CRESH stands for Computer Resource Enterprise Systems Hosting. We host a piece of software called PeopleSoft. It’s basically only useful for business-types as it helps them manage Human Resources (HR), Financials / Supply Chain (FIN/SC), and Customer Relationship Management (CRM). None of these mean much to me except in that they are my job.

My plan then, during that year, is to stay involved in the DSU Theatre as much as I can. I know what I would love to happen, but I don’t want to jinx anything. So, instead, I’ll just say that I want to help out. Also during this time, I will probably, maybe, apply to some graduate schools.

To tell you the truth, what I want to really do with my life is write. Really. I really liked writing King Tut, and I think I would really like to write for television. I’ve been inspired by the host of intelligent, offbeat comedies out there recently. I don’t like to speak this dream outloud because I worry what people will say (and I tend to be sensitive about things I really care about), and I worry that what people say will be right, and I should just quit dreaming.

I think this next year will be a turning point for me and this dream. If I have favorable results to what I want to happen, and things go well, and I feel a tiny tad bit more secure about things, I may just try it. I mean, it’s not like Computer Science and Mathematics double degrees are necessarily Business degrees. (BURN) I have quite the education to fall back on. The thing is, I wouldn’t know where to go from here. Hollywood? New York? Chicago Improv? Or could I accomplish anything online?

These are questions. For now, I’m writing. You can’t convince someone to hire you without anything for them to read. And, somehow, this website seems ill-suited as a “portfolio”. I’ve written a lot, though. Though though. Now let’s start writing stuff that’s worth reading. What I really need is conflict and pain to write. How about this: Holli is going to Florida for Christmas. Here’s hoping she doesn’t come back with the 90% fatal Avian Flu. That’s too much pain and conflict.

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  1. Avian flu, now that would be something you could post about many times. Sounds like it would be worse if noone ended up getting it, think of all the interesting stories we would miss out on.

  2. or, rather than pain and conflict, you could write about happy things for once. Just saying. Though, nothing makes ’em laugh like death.

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