I Seem To Love Bowling

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Well, it’s been quite some weather lately. We had fog upon fog starting Christmas Day. I thought it was bad that night, but when Bryce, Britt, Lindsey, and I travelled home the next day (after some shopping) it was even worse. And now it’s blizzarding out. Snow as high as two midgets stacked on top of each other.

By the way, if you want good funny rapping, check out The Lonely Island. They even mention Larry David in their song The Heist. They have great videos.

Well, we met Trevor, after waiting and waiting and waiting. I would say, “Where’s Trevor, Britt?” And she would say, “He’ll be here any minute.” Then I’d says, “Where’s Trevor, Britt?” And she would say, “He’ll be here soon.” And I would say, “Where’s Trevor, Britt?” And she’d say, “Ok, he’s not coming. Let’s go sledding.” But he did show up, and we had some good times. Actually, that night Tony and I dropped Britt off at the Holiday gas station and let them have their fun and food. Holli called me, but I was a little out of it. Why?

I’m sick. It started on the day after Christmas. I had a sore throat, and sniffles, then sneezing and runny nose and coughing. So, it’s been a hard time, because I don’t get sick often, and when I do it’s usually cancer. CANCER. I’m still trying to kick it, and I always seem to be doped up on NyQuil when Holli calls, which makes me really confused about her Florida trip. I’m not even sure where Florida is anymore. You’d have to ask her.

So, the next day that Trevor showed up, we hit the bowling hard. You can see some pictures in the Christmas 2005 set on my Flickr account. I didn’t bowl because I was having a hard enough time walking around, but the others sure bowled their balls off. Bowling balls. You know. Trevor did really well, I think. Then the two league ladies that were bowling (and drinking) next to us asked us to bowl with them, but they were creepy, so we used my illness as an excuse to leave after two games. I think Trevor won both. Bryce’s goal was simply to beat Lindsey, and Britt’s goal was just to have fun. My goal was to not get left.

Back at home, they played games and I slept for hours and hours. The next day Bryce chopped down a tree and hacked it up. And then he demanded I take pictures of it. Why not? I now have a Flickr pro account, so I get all kinds of perks, and unlimited storage. I also spent a good deal of time moving all my albums over from the Zen Photo gallery to the Flickr gallery. That is why, if you check my Flickr account, there are a ton new photos and sets, and my Zen Photo gallery is nearly empty. I think I’m going to make Zen Photo gallery as a gallery for graphics (wallpapers, etc.) and use Flickr for pictures and snapshots.

Anyway, then we went to Grandma’s to see Andy and Tracy with their children Nathan, Aaron, and the brand new Charlie. Charlie is a little cutie, and there are a couple pictures of him in here. We had a good dinner then we played Apples To Apples. This game was fun, and it gave me a whole new arena of comedy. Maybe when I’m feeling more verbose, I’ll write about how the game actually works. Andy won first, then Molly won. Then we went home and we had fun with the new PUPPY.

That’s right. If you know my Mom, then you know she’s a big dog lover. I think dogs are okay, but I like cats better, and I like turtles best. This is a little Irish Setter, his name is Hogan, and man does he have energy. He’s just as adorable and retarded as a puppy can be. I got some pictures, but I will probably not make a set of his pictures. I did tag him, though.

Ok. This isn’t the best post. I just feel like I need to write one post per 100 pictures uploaded. Or I could just calm down my picture taking. I need to clip my nails. Tonight is my parent’s New Year’s Eve Eve party. You have the party the night before New Year’s Eve and avoid all the other parties and avoid the cops. Plus, it’s just as fun.

Author: Miles Rausch

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4 thoughts on “I Seem To Love Bowling”

  1. It was hard to tell which apple card was Miles’. He would laugh amazingly loud at one of the cards that would turn up and i’d wonder to myself “Is that his card or is he tricking us?” Very clever Miles, very clever.

  2. I did beat Lindsey everytime. Also, my goal was actually to beat Britt. And I psyched her out good. But when you trash talk and it works you just feel bad so I quit that.

  3. I love Apples to Apples! I always price the game in stores, but it’s pretty expensive and so I pass it up. :)

    No worries, we can bowl every Wednesday to make up for your lack of bowling the other night. See you soon!

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