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Okay. A little recap is in order.

New Year’s Eve

The first part of the night was spent with the parents, Brenna and Sue. I begged Sue to come over and to bring Star Wars IV: A New Hope. This movie is trey old, and I found some of the effects / props laughable, but I didn’t laugh out of endearment for the original Star Wars and the generation they spawned. With the movie over, Sue and I jetted to David’s house where he was having a party. He put us on the cool list. We played Beyond Balderdash, which no one has been spelling correctly online, and that was fun. I talked to Holli at midnight, and she I, but midnight never feels very spectacular. Maybe it’s the knowledge of the relativity of time that does it.

Back Home

I’m back in Madison. The drive was terrible, but I made it. It took a while to get things unpacked and put away. Then I started on the editing. A couple years ago, Bob wrote a movie called “El Camino Del Librarian” and asked me to act in it. I did. It was a fun time, and I learned a lot about amateur film making from Bob. He’s been doing this stuff for years. Well, recently, we finally got around to recording commentary for it, but the movie still hasn’t been released, because I wanted to try my hand at amateur film making. I figure that, rather than trying to make a movie and learn editing that way, why not try something easy, like an interview. So, this summer Bob and I sat down and interviewed each other about El Camino. That’s what I’ve been editing since I got home. I called the show CANNED, and I describe it as “The show that interviews cast and crew of recently finished films in Madison, South Dakota.” And I’m freakin’ lovin’ it. Bob and Holly released a DVD before Christmas called “The Works”, but CANNED will be on the El Camino DVD. That’s also why I haven’t been posting. I spend all my time editing. Just ask Holli, Bob, and Holly.


I’m working mucho this week because I needs to get paid, and I’ll be gone for two weeks hanging out in Pierre. Today Morgan, the accounting person, really begins working for CRESH. She has an office (how did she get an office??) in the same part of the building that John and I work in. She’s from Kentucky, and has the accent to prove it, and I think she’ll be handling the finances for CRESH. I don’t know what those business types do. I do know that it’s kinda exciting to see CRESH slowly starting to grow from four main guys and Webster. Of course, now it’s four main guys, Morgan, and Webster, but it’s a start.


The other night, Holly and Bob invited me over for fondue and for me to get my own copy of Comedy Bytes: Improvised Comedy Gold and The Works by Bob + Holly. We had fondue, which accidentally burned, but was good, and we watched The Incredibles and some Bobshows. We’re all set to do it again, but with carmel, when Holli visits tomorrow. It should be fun.

Is That It?

It must be. I gots supper to make and more editing to do. Plus, I want to clean the apartment before tomorrow before Holli gets here: vacuuming, laundry, dishes, supper, editing, Scrubs downloading, picture uploading, and there’s even been an update to

I didn’t mention this before, but I gave my sister, Molly Rausch, a blog. Check it out. She sucks at Roman Numerals!

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