Pierre Technology Internship: Week the Second

I Love Iowa
I Love Iowa, originally uploaded by m!les.

You can view all the pictures from last week at my Pierre Technology Internship: Week the Second set on flickr.

You know Chuck Norris? Well, I hate his show, but’s hilarious to give him extraordinary powers. Check out these Chuck Norris facts. I’m a fan of Chuck Norris has counted to infinity. Twice., Chuck Norris doesn’t actually write books, the words assemble themselves out of fear., Chuck Norris can set ants on fire with a magnifying glass. At night., and Chuck Norris got his drivers license at the age of 16. Seconds. Seriously. You’ll laugh at least once.

The following is a horribly abbreviated version of the week’s past events. Guess what. Chuck Norris asked me to join him in his new Delta Force movie, and so this is an abbreviated version of events told haltingly inbetween roundhouse kick practice. Booyah. Be sure to read Representative R***ch’s blog!

Day One

holli fell asleep on floor. holly and bob’s, talked to holly. david called. very windy. got here, checked in. I called Jen, and asked if she wanted to go to Tabor Czech Days at the Governor’s Inn thanks to Senator Kl*****. She declined, but I called Dad and journied over. Saw train. Had a nice spread. Talked to a smattering of Representatives and Senators. There was a kick-ass traditional Czech band playing the best Czech music I’ve ever heard. Senator M**** tried his best to get me to switch side, but since I’m really more of an Independent, I signed the name “Peter Parker” to the voter registration sheet he gave me. Had good food and 7up. Then I said goodbye and came back to the hotel room. Talked to Holli on the phone, talked to Bryce on the phone, then back to Holli, and back to Bryce, and then back to Holli.

Day Two

arrived and headed to Senator S**t**’s desk to watch the network. had czech pastry. seems to be webmail unable to handle the load. setup Representative Kl***t with paperless, but he needs help from Representative P****s. Talked to President Knowlton, DSU 125th year coke cans. setup pings in house / senate, and state rejects. setup Senator ***l** for paperless. watched approp. ate at country kitchen. helped Madison carry in cans. sat in caucus and got introduced. senate session. called out to house. back to senate (still State Fair). Did a lot of walking around. fairly busy for me. Represetnative Kl***t tried to set me up with Jen, wouldn’t believe I had a girlfriend named Holli Gregg. Told dad to tell him 6 months. holli showed up when we were allowed to leave. I gave her a tour. We headed back to the hotel, and then went to the Madison thing. threatened by Steve Shirley. came back and watched TV and talked for too long. Drove over to Dad’s to sleep. He had the TV on and the lamp on. Annoyingly friendly front desk guy.

Day Three

Saw annoyingly friendly front desk guy again. back to hotel to shower. drove to capitol and walked around. updated files for approp. updated contacts for Representative D**str*. Found Lt. Governor’s office (with help from wife) with plans to help tomorrow. walked. holli made it back okay. taught the senate sergeant at arms binary. sat in senate health and human services. to dad’s weird uncalibrated shadow (that others have had) but I just resized. back to committee. then to China Buffet for lunch. everyone had ice cream at the capitol. walked around. stopped at Carol’s and gave her my passport. senate session. afterwards there was defibrilator stuff. house lasted for a long time. HB1025 and HB1026 took a long time to discuss. big memorial service, that Lou had to organize. Got some pictures. Real interns sat next to us. We walked around some more. Senator Sch***b**k called me Tip, Jr. got asked a lot to go to the beer and brats thing. headed back. kfc for supper.

Day Four

helped Lt. governor. walked around. looked for a committee. read over bills for senate floor. helped show maps to Senator D****h**. took pictures. Lou emailing about webmail, every two seconds. training at 10am, two persons. “helped” Kathryn Henning. beef day. Representative Kl***t is pretty sure Holli is cheating on me. Sat in democrat caucus. Senators H**dst**’s clock problems didn’t show up. got introduced. Senator B**tl**g – mixed family. Senator M**** – helped me out. Senator N**s**h** asked how I vote. I said, “I’m just a computer guy.” big laugh. avera lobbyist psuedo-problem. sessiion. to house. then joint session and memorial service. other interns sat by us. pages had sweatshirts. then tourism banquet. Destination 2010: Get on Board. saw Nancy Jark. packed, no more room for coats. big suv, top ten (Tippin’ and Trippin’ Tour, Ultimate Sturgis Package, Lowest Prices Underground), Krebs and Naeve hosted, three awards. video, and Hilary Duff South Dakota theme song. South Dakota!

Day Five

Started out great. up and packed. lobbyist AGAIN. Approp. Senator Kl****k – gave him flash games and ACT system. He left after the games. Lou accidentally lost a Representative’s newspaper article when she tried to print. We bough Lou flowers. 4-H job shadowing. Senator N**s**h**’s locking up, but didn’t really get it. Senator Sm**t for appropriations software. pizza party with the LRC people (good talk). more Lou stories. got a cashew thing from Lou. not too bad. session. Pages honored. computer interns honored. got a certificate. lots of handshakes. Senator N**s**h**’s hooked me up. Senator D**pst** shook my hand again. Senator Sch***b**k called me Tip, Jr., again. did some more helping. session over, then session over in House. did some more walking. Lou said we could go. hugged Dad goodbye. then I took off.

I had a good experience out there. Two full weeks is a long time to be somewhere else, on your own, doing tech support. Tech support, while lucrative, takes a lot out of me. And I was getting more and more drained. I don’t think I could have gone another week (and there was plenty of talk and panic regarding our departure). I definately developed an admiration for what my Dad does in his offtime, and I developed a deep respect for the process and institution of Government. I would encourage everyone to take a day before February 28th and visit the State Capitol.

South Dakota: Great Faces, Great Places, and a capitol building in the middle of bloody nowhere.

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