Website Problems

Some of you might have heard that I upgraded the blogs here at to WordPress 2.0. I did this because I got a chance to test the product with my blog Pressing Miles Matters, and I fell in love with the new interface. As such, the transition hasn’t been entirely bug-free.

You might have noticed that the last post, for a brief period of time, had no “Comments” link. Also, the post before it had an entirely wrong number of comments listed on the front page. It turns out, after some digging, that this was a problem with a plugin I was using. I had the choice to upgrade the plugin or delete it, and I just deleted it instead. Then everything got sorted out.

The other issue that’s been noticed, and please email me or comment if this has been happening to you, is that people under DSU’s wireless network are having problems comments to the sites. It doesn’t seem to be all the time, but it’s definately a regular event.

The error looks like:

XML Parsing Error: no element found
Line Number 1, Column 1:

I’m looking into the problem and will hopefully have a fix for it. It seems to be DSU’s network, and I’m not sure how much control I will have over it. Never fear – I am on the case!

If anyone wants a blog, please let me know. The new 2.0 system allows importing of other blogs, so if you use Blogger or LiveJournal, it should be able to import your stuff.

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