If you think about it, 20 seconds is way too long to microwave toast. 10 seconds, max.

I played poker at Ben Fox’s place the other night. Big come back, then one hand took me and Paul Hotchkiss both out. Holli did well. Big group showed up: Ben, Lisa, Paul, Me, Holli, Holly, Bob, Crystal, Billy, and 3 dogs. Isaac Latterell, a real intern, called me that same night doing a hautingly accurate impression of Representative Kl***t. I almost hung up on him, thinking it to be a prank call, but he sensed my panic and changed back.

Met Holli’s potential future roommates of Danielle, Kensi, and Sara. We spent a good deal of time discussing the possibility (or impossibility) of transporting objects via slinky (without flipping them over), namely, tupperware, bookbags, and Birthday cake. Despite making sketches, no concensus was reached about on the subject. More research is necessary.

I lost about 5 lbs. of hair today. More on that later.

5 Replies to “Toast”

  1. You were up extremo late! I’m glad that you don’t mind my potential future roommates. It could make things difficult in the future. Kensi would really love you if you thought of an accurate way to transport a Birthday cake via slinky down a stairway to her. Get on that.

  2. You microwave toast when, after toasting it and applying butter, that the butter isn’t sufficiently melted on the toast. I’ve done it since High School.

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