There and Back Again

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I feel more ashamed than ever that I haven’t read these books yet. I mean, I own the volume; what am I waiting for? It’s not like the story is going to get any better. Now is the time to read the books. Maybe I should do that, excepting that I have so much else to read right now. I won’t even tell you how many Time magazines I have piled up, untouched. It’s getting pretty hard to keep up with the Times!

We did it! Holli and I got all Lord of the Rings movies watched this weekend. It was no small task. All three were the special editions, courtesy of my parents for three consecutive Christmases, so they were even longer than the versions in the theatres. I even saw some things in the movies I never saw before, and we took time to look some things up.

See, her TV doesn’t have very good sound, so we really couldn’t hear what was being said in most of the dialogue, so we turned on subtitles, and then you really learn a lot about the movie. They kept calling “Gandalf”, in Gondor, by the name of “Mithrandir”, which is his Gondor name. You learn all kinds of names for stuff when you read the movie. Wikipedia actually was pretty useful when it came to Middle Earth.

Things I learned from this:

  • You have to take breaks or breaks will take you
  • Use subtitles when made-up languages are being thrown willy nillilly
  • Gimli and Legolas had a romantic subplot at one point, but it was cut for time
  • Look up what you don’t understand in Wikipedia because it will drive you crazy
  • Gollum, no matter how pathetic and evil you find him, will make your girlfriend giggle at his childish antics
  • JRR Tolkien had a very bigoted hatred of New Zealand
  • Sometimes you just have to ignore certain questions because the answer is about to walk on screen in 20 seconds
  • If you pause too long before answering a question, she knows you’re about to lie to her
  • Lord of the Rings just plain ROCKS!

And now I can’t get the music out of my head. Quick! Hand me a sword! I’m off to save Middle Earth!

5 Replies to “There and Back Again”

  1. So you DID lie to me! Numerous times. Multiplied by three.

    I usually forgot the question after you gave me the answer. I guess in that way, it’s kind of like how I watch movies. The next time we watch, I’ll probably ask the same questions. Hooray for that!

  2. Now MIles… you know when I ask a bunch of questions during a movie and you say it is a Miles thing… maybe it isn’t maybe it is just superior minds that ask the questions during the movie… ever thought about that huh???

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