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Some skits are really hard to write. Really, it comes down to the fact that what helps the skit really be funny is the character. Hopefully. I wrote a skit / sketch called “Sonny Silverman, Life Extender” for Comedy Bytes, and one of the funny things is the way he says stuff. He has a speech impediment. And differences are funny. I wrote three skits last year, as you may remember, but this is my first time writing a skit that I’ll be surrounded by. This is a horrible thing.

So, here’s the deal. I printed out the skit on campus and gave copies to everyone. Then I donned my brand new suitcoat (thank you, free clothing table at St. Thomas Church in Madison!) and sat down. Then I realized that I was probably going to have to act as Sonny Silverman. So, it largely became a one man show with everyone except Mike on stage. Which makes me think that maybe I should write in another character to get the full six involved. It’s not very fair otherwise.

Last night, after setting up Tony with some FTP, I finished another skit. This one is called “Zombie General Beadle”. If you don’t know who General Beadle is, then you should click the link at the beginning of the sentence. I got the idea when Holli and I went to the Madison Revue. There was a guy there who did a “Living General Beadle” routine, where he acted as General Beadle giving tidbits from his life. It was neat, (albeit a little less than gripping) and I thought, “How great would it be if they brought the real General Beadle back?” And, of course, if they brought him back, after being dead for 91 years, he’d have to be a zombie.

This is how my children are born.

I was gonna write about the exciting upcoming stuff for The Drama Club, but Holli already did. I think that lol will be good for us. It really came together pretty quick, with everyone putting in good ideas. We also got quite a nice list of people willing to perform for the Beverly residents. I’m super psyched.

Uhh. I’m hungry. I have to figure out what my lunch situation is going to be on Tuesdays and Thursdays. With Choir at 12:30, it’s hard to find time when my class gets done at 12:00 to get food. I think I’ll stop by the TC after Choir at 1:20 and grab something. But you guys don’t care.

I’m out of here.

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  1. Technically with the Sonny Silverman, Life Extender sketch, you only have four characters. Holly was playing the part of the principal last night…where normally she wouldn’t. You’d either have to write in two more parts or no more. Cheers!
    Unnnnnnnhhhh, brains!

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