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Well, I was kinda expecting this to be long, but I feel absolutely awful today, so I’ll keep it short. Basically, Holli got to live with my family for a weekend. All that was missing was Bryce, and hopefully we’ll make that up this weekend. David accompanied us back (and forth), which was nice. I think sitting in the back made it hard for him to be in the conversation, so he played Diablo II the whole way. He’s done saving the world, and now he’s saving Hell.

Not much exciting happened, but it was a nice weekend. What made it extra nice was that Tony made the journey back to hang with us. That was cool. We watched Chicago, the movie, which my mom owned. It’s a bit racier than I had anticipated, which caused some mad-crazy sexual tension between me and Tony. Holli pretended not to notice.

Tony taught Holli cribbage, and then he beat us both handily (what happened to my skillz??). David came over with Tyler and two chicks, and we watched ghost specials on TV. We also had Sunday morning mass, where I played guitar with Mom. I got my laundry done in the new, space-age washer and dryer set. Everytime I come back they have something new…

Note: if you see Hogan, his new nickname is Doofus, and he totally lived up to it. Holli decided that Patches was her favorite of the dogs (go Patch!) but, also, he’s probably dying. At least, that’s how it looks to me. I had a really good time this weekend. Holli seemed to fit in really well with my family and Tony. She said that everyone made it really easy for her to “just be Holli”. So, I appreciate that, family and Tony and David and Tyler and chicks.

Other things: the blogs are back up and running. You’re going to see a lot of changes to in the coming weeks as I hack and slash this theme into what I want from it. Who knows what craziness I’ll add!

lol greeting cards are going well. We’ve sold at least 10 so far, and we’ve even had orders from as far away as Omaha. I think it’ll be a big hit.

I took some pictures the other day when I really had nothing else to do. Toodles.

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  1. I miss Patches falling asleep on my legs and cutting off circulation. I think I gave him the wrong impression on Sunday. I wasn’t in the mood for being walked on, I guess.

  2. As a fellow Big Stoneian, I hereby dubb thou Holli Gregg as an Honorary Big Stoneian with all the rights and privilages. Congrats and Represent!

    Don’t forget membership fees are due on June 29th.

  3. whenever i see your guys’s new washing mahcine and dryer I just want to jump in it and go back in time! How awsome is that!?

  4. Hey, if the new washer really goes back-in-time maybe I could meet Holli, play cribbage, and watch movies too. But David, how do you fit in the washer?

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