Happy Valentine’s Day

What did you say?!
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So, I’ve been sick lately. Like, really sick, and I just can’t manage to shake it. Nothing I’ve tried has worked. I was so medicated all weekend that I totally missed what a rotten time Holli had, and on Monday I couldn’t feel my teeth. Well, no more. With only two pills remaining, I convinced myself that on Tuesday I would be all better so that I could have a sick-free Valentine’s Day.

I’m kind of an idiot. I don’t know why I thought that would work.

I woke earlier than my alarm, as per usual during this illness bought. I immediately got to work on two unfinished parts of Holli‘s Valentine’s Day presents: Songs to Listen to UpsideDown. It was a mix CD in two parts. It was going to be eclectic. I’ve been gradually introducing her to the various artists I favor, and this was going to be a way I could push the “weird” envelope (like I don’t already).

As such, my progress on the CDs took such time as I couldn’t make it to my first class, AJAX. As it turned out, Holli had bought for me an lol card (*awwww*), and, based on her understanding of my schedule, that was the best time to send it. Well, I missed my greeting.

I’d also written Holli a poem (which is also a wallpaper), so I planted the handwritten part of the poem and the CDs on her door and I went to class. At class I learned that I have to give a lecture on Thursday to Professor Pauli (Josh)’s, and I also learned (via email) that I had missed Holli’s lol. But, we made plans to eat lunch. With the illness, I really can’t talk that well, so singing would be a lost cause, which afforded me an open lunch hour.

At lunch I gave her her next present, some chocolates that I bought in front of her in Big Stone. Then we got some lunch. There was this African drum band playing, and they were nice, but they were kinda loud. We had to leave at around 1 so she could change into her Drama Club shirt and deliver lol cards. It was there that she discovered presents one, two, and three. Man, I’m am really damn good at this sweet boyfriend stuff. Seriously, I got the poetry thing down, and music, and I listen to girls and understand emotions. A tiny voice in the back of my head wondered how Bryce’s pink elephant gift went. Last I knew, when he gave it to her, he was going to have it say, “You’re my favorite Republican!

From there I went to class, she delivered lols and I got my first surprise of the day when they showed up to deliver two lol cards to me in my class. The first was read by David and was written by David. The next was read by Ben Fox and was written by Holli. Holli was there, mind you, but she played guitar and winked. After hugging Ben and David, the lolers left and the class resumed working on our assignment. I ate the chocolate almost immediately.

After class I went to the library to tutor with Tom. I recounted for Tom the story of the lols, and then Holli showed up. She had a present for me. I unwrapped it and discovered Arrested Development Season 2! I have wanted this for weeks. After I bought Season 1, I was just going to copy Season 2 from John Larson. Then I thought, why do that? I love this show. I’ll just buy it. So, I announced my plans to purchase Season 2, but Holli would say, “I wouldn’t do that if I were you.” At first I would misunderstand this, thinking that she was lecturing me on the value of money. Then I would come to understand that she really meant that I shouldn’t buy it because she had plans to buy it for me. Unfortunately, I kept forgetting that she had plans to buy it for me, so this situation repeated itself three or four times until it stuck, and I quit making resolves to buy Season 2.

Feeling no better time, I read aloud (and loudly) my lol card to Holli in the library. It inspired Tom to pen a Valentine’s Day poem for Kristen Grimm, full of inside jokes and crude references to grisly murders. No, I made that last part up.

From there I hit up Lewis quick to buy more medicine. It had become apparent in the hours since I was last under the umbrella of medication that I wasn’t going to out will this illness. At work I discovered a message from Morgan on my board, started to prepare my lecture, and left a message for both Morgan and John.

I stopped by Holli’s to pick her up for supper. We decided on Common Grounds, but it was less than stellar. I think, in switching locations, they lost a lot of the coffee house charm that they had. They seem more “Midwest” instead of “artsy”. They used to have art-for-sale on the walls, but no more. And the food is expensive. I was disappointed. I think the next time I go there, it’ll just be for the Jet Tea Smoothies.

From here Holli went to work, I worked on some stuff at home, and when she came over later, we hit the store, she bought us ice cream at DQ, and we watched Arrested Development Season 2. All-in-all, it was a pretty good Valentine’s Day. Apparently, part of my V-Day present is still coming, so this might be an extended holiday for me. How did you guys do? Oh, yeah. I had to beat Holli senseless at DQ.

Author: Miles Rausch

I've made a smart playlist of all the songs with 0 plays. I listen to them because I feel bad for them not because I like the music. I'm THAT guy.

4 thoughts on “Happy Valentine’s Day”

  1. “Seriously, I got the poetry thing down, and music, and I listen to girls and understand emotions.”

    You think you’re all that. Well, you are. Just fully aware of the fact.

  2. your girlfriend looks like Pam Beasley, from “The Office”. Good thing your still in that early boyfriend stage for this valentines day. the real trick is to break up like the friday before, then get back together the next friday, if you’d do that next time you could save some serious coin

  3. And once you get that down, then you can work on breaking up every friday before any holiday where your girlfriend expects a gift and then get back together afterwards.

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