House Keeping

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Well, I’ll try to keep this short as I have a basketball game to write about tomorrow or Monday.

First off (and I already posted this, but) Holly Smith and Bob Davidson are engaged to be married!

How did the rest of my week go? It went well. I forgot to mention that The DSU Drama Club put on an event at the Beverly retirement home in Madison. An impressive number of members showcased all kinda of artistic talents that they had. Of course, I took pictures for everyone.

Another big thing was that I was asked to give a talk on Hyperion, a new product that we’re hosting at CRESH. I was very nervous about the talk, because I really don’t know that much about Hyperion beyond what I’ve figured out with messing with it on my own. The talks seemed to go well. They were for Professor Josh Pauli‘s classes which met conveniently enough to allow me to rearrange my schedule and not have to miss class or work for it.

Holli and I are now done with Season Two of Arrested Development. I wager that by tomorrow, even, we’ll be done with Season Three, and then we’ll have nothing to do when we’re together. Leave suggestions for how we can fill our time together in the comments.

In somewhat disappointing news, a skit I had written called Happy 125 DSU was going to be performed at the Spring Convocation. However, due to timing issues, the only way the Student Senate could fit it in is if I could chop down the 12 minute skit to a 7 minute skit. I decided that to maintain the “artistic integrity” (read: all the funnyness) of the piece, such a cut wouldn’t be possible, and I opted instead to not perform it. Hopefully we’ll get our chance to do it later on this year.

In somewhat depressing news, I’m still sick and not getting much better. It’s taken a lot of pills to make very little improvement upon my situation. I’m trying new medication, but Holli keeps dropping the “d” word. She even threatened to “stop feeling sorry” for me until I went and saw a “d”, but I’m so terribly pathetic that she hasn’t been able to keep that up.

On the other hand, I’ve been learning a little Ruby on Rails. Who knows what killer internet app I can write with it. I may even take over the world, one object at a time.

Ok, now I’m going to bed. I should have been asleep an hour ago, but I didn’t want to leave you guys hanging. You… you complete me.

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  1. 15 minutes ago you posted this and i am up too darn late… I am not sick and you stayed up to post that… I am in Holli’s camp. No more excuses, when you have free health care for the moment, take advantage of it… love you, you typical sick male, mom

  2. listen to your mom, they are paying the deductable, FREE to you! and as a general rule if you have been sick longer than week, its time to go in
    and no miles, you complete me

  3. You and your girlfriend could watch some of the Beatles thing you have there, after you’re finished with Season 3. Or do homework. Or start some Season 2 of The Office. Or play hopskotch.

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