Guess Who Lost

Tim Miles
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Now look at that. I could never be a sports writer. I just ruined the result of the game in the title. Imagine if you wanted some buildup, some sort of dramatic crescendo to the results of the game this Saturday. I just ruined it. Sure, you can get stats on ESPN, but you wanted a flair, a creative, artistic writeup of the event, something to captivate and entrance as well as entertain and inform.

Well, I’m really freakin’ sorry, but titles aren’t very easy to come up with.

So, Saturday. It seems a long time ago. Still fighting my illness, I purchased some new medicine stuff, hoping that it would help out. What I got was Benedryl. As it turns out, the best thing Benedryl did for me was turn me into a zombie (and not the cool kind, either). Our plan was to meet people at 5:30pm. Holli wanted to go to Wal-mart first, so we left at around 4:00 or so.

I fell asleep on the way up. Wal-mart was what is expected of Wal-mart. I don’t even remember what she got. I do remember that we walked around and ended up at the DVD arena. And I remember being angry at some DVD or something. I don’t know. Holli was disappointed that Wal-mart only had certain seasons of shows. If you’re going to have Season 4 and Season 5, why not carry Seasons 1, 2, and 3? Stupid Wal-mart.

Then we met the Circus at Z’kota. There was an enormously large number of people there. There was me, Holli, mom, dad, Molly, Laura (Molly’s friend), Brenna, Sue, Bryce, Lindsey, Chris, Kelsey, Tony, Tyler, David, and Chris Fellows. That was a mouth full. Anyway, I was pretty out of it, so I mostly just sat there and ate my gigantic burger. From there we headed to Frost Arena. Of course, we had to follow Bryce, and (of course) he was ten miles away before we pulled out of the parking lot. Never let Bryce lead the way.

Frost Arena is peppered with Daktronics Sports Marketing stuff, which Holli interns for. So, we got a picture. The scoreboard was pretty impressive, and massive, and bright. We took our seats and enjoyed the game, which was close. In the end NDSU lost by only 2 points (and it was a pretty close 2 points). It was a good game.

Afterwards, we waited to talk to Tim. He gave a press conference, then he talked to people. Then Tony stole a cowbell (those SDSUers love their cowbells). Then we drove back home.

Lazy sunday. Holli went to Mass with me. We watched the rest of Arrested Development Season 3. I gave up on medication and have taken up medical marijuana. Monday Holli worked all day, so I lounged around here and tried to get some writing done. I did get a really bad skit hacked up, and I felt very ashamed to have to Bytes perform it. Met with Megan. She took Haji for the weekend, got her wisdom teeth out, and got Haji back after Bytes rehearsal. Then Holli and I rented a movie (The Corpse Bride) which I found disappointing, and then I came back here and went to bed.

Well, that’s not exactly true. I checked my email quick, and I rediscovered some folders on my desktop that were related to web design. So, I checked them out. I decided that one of the them (BubbleTooltips) would be easy enough to integrate onto the website, so I did it. I started to integrate another one, but it proved more tricky, so I didn’t do it. Then I realized that I was hungry, so I grabbed what was left of my chinese food from lunch and my mountain dew from evening and I consumed both. Then I got to thinking about all the vast number of plugins for WordPress, and I went a-searching and I installed about a dozen of them, activated them, tested them, and then either integrated them or deleted them. I did stick with the plugin for sure, but many of the others weren’t game for 2.0, so I didn’t try to make them work.

Man, that was a rambling post.

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  1. I have another name for your sickness. Its called withdrawal symptoms. When you stop using drugs such as crack and coke immedietly, you will have a few problems. You got to step down gradually. But good for you for trying to quit. YOU CAN DO IT!

  2. Whenever you run low on your “medication” marijuana, let me know. I’ve got lots left over from last week’s big deal. I’ll give you a discount.

  3. your brain can’t afford to be medicated any more than it already is… from the sounds of this post you must have had an out of body experience or something… did you go to the doctor? beware of white coat syndrom ;>

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