Authorities chase cow through Madison

This could only happen in Madison.

Authorities were in pursuit of a cow on the loose around the Washington School area in Madison just before noon today (Monday). Madison Police, Lake County’s Conservation officer, and a Madison veterinarian tried to round up the agitated cow from the Washington School playground and front lawn starting after 11:00 this (Monday) morning. Madison Police Chief Chuck Pulford says the cow came from the Madison Livestock Auction Barn, and made its way to the school area, where veterinarian Tom Heirigs of Twin Lakes Animal Clinic tried to tranquilize it. Pulford says they wanted to tranquilize the animal so that they would not need to shoot it – which would have been a last resort. After making it’s way north to near the Madison Middle School, Pulford says the cow headed back south down Division Avenue and just before getting back to the Livestock Barn, went back west again. He says Heirigs was able to get a lasso around the cow and get it tied to a tree finally near Saint John’s Lutheran Church on North Grant Avenue in Madison, where Livestock Auction staff were able to get it back to the Auction Barn. The whole pursuit took more than an hour, Pulford says, with officers blocking traffic along the way. He says Washington School students were kept inside during the entire incident as well, and the middle and high school were notified when the cow was in their area as well. Pulford says safety is the number one concern in an incident like this.

Via KJAM News.

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  1. memories… when i was a senior in high school i was going to school and a big cow was in pop well’s yard. I ran in and told my mom and she said i had to go to school…i came home at noon and cow was still loose running all over our side of town… came home after school and cow was shot in a person’s yard… mom said whoever eats that poor cow will have tough meat because they ran him so much. the cow gets a final revenge ;> glad your madison cow didn’t get shot.

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