Elite Eight: Women’s NAIA Division II National Tournament

Elite Eight: Ticket
Elite Eight: Ticket, originally uploaded by m!les.

Man. What a ride! And, after all that, it’s done. What a fantastic voyage. Because this is so long in coming, I’ll shorten it up a bit.

After I was done with work, Holli, Jen, Kendra, and I turned around and headed back to Hawarden, IA. It was hard, now, to remember how frightened I had been before the weekend began. Our drive back was nice. I worked on a skit for Comedy Bytes until it was too dark to continue. Holli drove. We arrived in Hawarden, put our stuff in the house, and then we went to The Drive In for supper. After supper we watched sports highlights of the NAIA games, and we saw some South Dakota state basketball stuff. I may have possibly seen my sister in one shot. Then we played Phase 10 which started out fun, but I soon lost energy and the will to live. It might be better next time.

The next day, because the game was later in the afternoon, we didn’t have to get up until 9. On our way to the game, we agonized for a while over what to eat, and I finally said that I was feeling like Taco Bell (which surprised everyone, especially me), and so we did. I got too much Mountain Dew, and I paid for it later that day.

We arrived at the Arena dutifully early. We purchased our tickets and waited in line for them to open the Arena up to us. We took our seats, the same ones we had before, and we were able to chat with the girls for a while before the game began. I messed with the exposure on my camera.

Then the girls shot around for a while. Hastings was known to us to be a tough team, but maybe not so tough that we couldn’t beat them. We all had high hopes, and the crowd for our side was a great deal larger than last game. Finally, there were fans! Holli’s parents, Larry and Carol Gregg, had decided to come to the game, too, but they couldn’t leave until Carol and Marissa were back from prom dress shopping in Sioux Falls. Apparently, they got some good deals. I say “apparently” because I’m not sure what a good prom dress deal is.

The game began, and it was trouble from the beginning. It was frustrating. The Lady T’s just didn’t play with the same *click* that they had before. Before we knew it, it was over. Trojans: 41 – Hastings: 55. Still, it wasn’t a slaughter, and the team had a really good run with their two previous upsets. It was a good game, fought hard.

Afterwards, we offered congratulations to the team members we bumped into. Holli and I sat with her parents and watched a little of the next game, but we were both falling asleep (having no interest in either team), and we decided to head back. This would give us time to eat before Holli headed to work.

And so, what began as a Spring Break whim, ended up a heart-wrenching story of little team from Madison that just about made its dreams come true.

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  1. They were the best ever. EVER. And, at our meeting the other night, we had to tell spring break stories, and the best would win a prize. I told how I streaked at the last game’s halftime show. And it was all over KSFY. …And the front page of the newspaper…
    But Sara Nelson won the story telling because she told that she was named the “Champion of Character”. Whatever that means. She won a free rental from the movie rental place, too. My story was better.

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