Beware the Ides of March

Speakers: In Action
Speakers: In Action, originally uploaded by m!les.

On this day a couple years ago, Julius Caesar died. Rest In Peace, Julie.

It snowed a crap-ton on Sunday. David brought me fruit from home, and my birthday present, and then he and Holli and I all ate at China Moon. The “funny” thing about all the snow was that I had just washed my car. That is, I spent $9 on a car wash. And Holli, ever sensitive to my feelings, says, “You should have listened to KJAM weather. Then you wouldn’t have wasted 9 bucks on a car wash.” So compassionate. And now my car is dirty.

David, Holli, and I watched JFK. It’s a very very long movie that resulted in several bad dreams where I was killing the president or something. I woke up with a headache. Of course, it was cold, so I had to wear my ugly redish winter jacket. I’ve been wearing a different coat for ages, but the stupid zipper broke on it the other day.
I’ve started moving all my videos to Google Video. This way, I don’t have to do any conversions. They play just fine and the sound stays synced.

Rehearsals have started for The Actor’s Nightmare. It’s going well so far. Work on the Comedy Bytes skits continues. Finally got a version of The Conor Crow Show that I can stand.

I got new speakers for my iPod. They were only $27 on NewEgg. They sound pretty good, too, and they’re really compact.

I got my cable disconnected today. On purpose. I don’t really watch TV when it’s on TV, and Holli has cable in her room, so I figured I would save myself some money. So, with the money I was sure to save, I bought this CD based solely on this song from this podcast.

In website news, I added a couple new things which have only managed to make the page even better in Firefox, and worse in Internet Explorer. The first thing was a lightbox plugin. Lightbox-enabled links will have a special icon next to them like this. I also added those shaded boxes to the sidebar things. If you click the box, it minimizes the content. I did something like this on for a while, but it was ugly, confusing, and worthless.

I think I’m going to sleep until I needs be woken up.

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