Oh, David

So, I’m sitting in the TC, and David is talking to this kid with a broncos hat. They discuss their plans for the weekend. This kid is talking about how he has to get really drunk tonight because he’s travelling with his parents, and he doesn’t want to miss the greatest drinking weekend of the year (St. Patrick’s Day).

Then he goes into this detailed explanation of how they play a drinking game of Madden. You drink if:

  • There are two first downs
  • There is a touch down
  • Something else happens

Whenever that happens, they take a shot of vodka. And he had to eventually take 10 shots of vodka, so he was pretty drunk. David, not really having anything to add, just keeps saying “Yeah. Yeah. Oh, yeah.”
Then the kids says, “Yeah, then I took about seven more shots in ten minutes.”

And David, true to form and in a quiet kind of voice, says, “Yeah. That’s rough.”

I cracked up.

The only thing that topped that was when David, always the scientist, asked, “Have you ever mixed alcohol with milk?” The answer, long and boring, was not quite what he wanted. Then we listened to Wolf Parade – Grounds for Divorce.

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  1. Talked to the kid this morning and i guess last night kind of kicked his butt. Still feeling the effects.

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