Student Leadership Award

I’m probably not going to write the kind of essay you want. I don’t like talking about myself, and that is basically what this is supposed to be about. You want me to gush about all the amazing accomplishments I’ve had in my time here at DSU. Only, I don’t do that.

Let’s get down to brass tacks (an expression I’ve always loved and rarely use). I am a reluctant leader. I lead when no other leaders step forth. I am really quite a shy, inhibited person who becomes quite the opposite in certain social situations. I’ve been in Drama Club for 5 years. Why am I president this year? I am president because no one else wanted to do it. So, I took up the yoke. Thing is, a good leader surrounds himself or herself with good people who can get things done. I’ve tried to do this, and Fear the Turkey has had highest consistent attendance and involvement than it has since I’ve been a freshman. It’s not necessarily me, though. This semester there have been a number of motivated individuals who have stepped up and really helped move the club further. We organized the Love Out Loud cards which made us a little bit of money but (more importantly) got our name out there and brought Valentine’s Day cheer to others. We also spent some time at Beverly entertaining the residents there, to good effect.

My other leadership roles have been less obvious. Usually, in classes, I am the designated leader because, almost to a fault, I am organized and precise. And I’m usually pretty good at delegating things. I suppose that’s a leadership quality. Surround yourself with good people, know their strengths and weaknesses, and then give them tasks that you know they can do efficiently and correctly.

As you can tell by my other activities and positions, I am mostly a documenter. I prefer to sit, observe, and report. I believe the position of “secretary” was once (and sometimes still is) call the position of “historian”. That’s what I mostly am. I would rather tell the tales of the great leaders than be one of them.

I hope this essay serves as an indicator of the type or leader and person I am. I can imagine that, to most people, this would seem to be a sort of suicide, but I want to be honest with you guys. I will say that only at a school of DSU’s size and friendliness could I have ever become a recognized student and student leader.

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  1. “I will say that only at a school of DSU’s size and friendliness could I have ever become a recognized student and student leader.”

    This line alone will sell it.

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