The United States Postal Service Makes Me Cry

Keeping You Posted
Keeping You Posted, originally uploaded by m!les.

See Identity Crisis + Comedy Bytes! April 7, 8, 10, 11 in the Dakota Prairie Playhouse. Times to follow.

Look carefully at this comic. Maybe even read it. When the US Postal Service stoops to using Kathy comics to get peole interested, then things have really sunk to a new low.

In other news, my life (creatively) is extremely hectic. There is, of course, the play. That is going well, but we’ve decided to add Comedy Bytes to the same night, which means double rehearsals until we’re done. It’s nice, I guess, to do it all at once, but I’m feeling all at once like I don’t have any time.

Filmed part of a music video this past weekend, but due to time contraints and missing actors I couldn’t finish it. I did, however, purchase a firewire card so I can, in time, capture the video I’ve taken.

There have also been some interesting / exciting / frightening developments in my personal life, but I don’t feel ready to talk about them. Alright, I’m gay, no I’m not, but seriously, I can’t talk about it yet, but I will sometime, hopefully.

The second part of our lines are due for The Actor’s Nightmare, so we have that, plus Comedy Bytes practice tonight (for which I should try to get the latest draft of Happy 125 Years, DSU finished), and I’m feeling quite a bit pulled apart by horses.

5 Replies to “The United States Postal Service Makes Me Cry”

  1. Untill you tell us what this new news is i will hate you. No, seriously I will strongly dislike you. For real, not fond of you at all.

  2. Are you pregnant? Because at different times in your life, I’d imagine being pregnant would be interesting, exciting, AND frightening. Just curious. Because if you are, you should tell me now before you tell anyone else. That way, I can get out of the relationship before anyone knows why and I won’t look like a complete jerk…it would just be coincidence. That would be courteous of you.

  3. Paragraph four drives me NUTS… I know it isn’t a long trip but it is like starting a statement and then saying… never mind or mom, I what if, oh forget it I better not say. AHHHHHHHHHHH

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