Fancy Footing It to Fargo

Dance Off!
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Don’t forget about the play coming up! I finally got my computer put back together with a new Firewire/USB2.0 card and a front panel to access them all nicely. Now, on with the post.

It was a glorious day. We left DSU and drove to Big Stone. This was after, of course, David running back up to his room eight times to grab things he forgot, or thought he forgot, or forgot he didn’t own. We started with me driving, but I had taken benedryl for a sinus headache, so I asked Holli to drive. I was hungry. In Big Stone we ate fish sticks and mac’n’cheese. We stood around, talked a bit, and then we all clamored into the van, and Bryce drove us to Fargo, North Dakota. Yes. There’s a state above South Dakota. We had to pause music periodically for “story time”. If you don’t know what that is, take a road trip with Bryce and you’ll find out.

Once in Fargo, we made it to Tony‘s house. This could have been eventful, as Bryce wanted to go off of his memory. I decided to call Tony, instead. Our first greeting into his house? A fourth roommate. He gave us a tour, with pictures, and we sat around watching TV. It was pretty close to midnight, so Tony took Bryce and Lindsey to the liq, and they brought back pizza(!) and liquor. We ate the delicious pizza and then started watching videos on David’s tablet and Holli’s tablet. The videos on David’s tablet all seemed to be horrifying examples of how unintelligent and fearless human beings can be. We watched cool guitar tricks instead. Eventually (like at 4am) we went to bed.

We got up at 11am or so. I managed to get up, get showered, get dressed, and lay back down without ever waking Holli. It was good for her. Tony took Bryce and Lindsey to Ty’s place. Ty is a friend of Linds’s who transferred from Marshall. I had met her previously when she came to Big Stone to visit Linds during New Year’s Eve 2005. The remainder of us went to Grand Junction to eat. Grand Junction is (as described accurately by Tony) a HuHot for subs. And they cook it just like they cook in HuHot. I liked my sub. Good job, Grand Junction.

Thence went we to campus for a tour. We saw a “quad”‘s room. A “quad” is a quadriplegic, but Tony knows the guy so it’s okay that we call him that. We picked up Bryce and we made 10-point turn. Then we went back to campus to look for an Ag building Bryce wants to write a term paper on. Holli started feeling rotten. Then we went to the mall. I got an Orange Julius. Holli looked for a peacoat. Bryce made plans with Tim. Then, for supper, we tried this Alien food place, but it was mucho full. So then we tried iHOP (which wasn’t necessarily a popular choice), and finally to Bennigan’s. ‘Twas good. Holli and I both got steaks, at the opposite side of the “how done?” scale. From there we journeyed to Tim’s. I enjoyed that. I was able to interact with Ava and Gabe (or Doofie) and Charlie, which I’ve never much had a chance for before. Once back at Tony’s we did tennis like a menace.

The next morning we had church. Good God. We got seperated from Tony, but we met up afterwards. We decided on the mall for lunch, and it wasn’t bad. I had chinese, and I liked it, but Bryce and Linds also had chinese, and they didn’t like it. Then we saw Lonie and Mickey! How weird is that, though we knew they were headed up this way to shop. Finally, we parted ways with Tony. Bryce drove us Back to Big Stone. That was supposed to be a quick stop, but my dad wanted me to look at a computer problem for him. It took forever, but I finally figured (most of) it out. We nabbed some supper (since it was now that time) and took off for Madison.

Good weekend. Pictures are on flickr.

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  1. I like the picture, because in real life it looked like David was doing something inappropriate to the empty space beside me. Just like he would.

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