Happy Birthday Dad!

Smile!, originally uploaded by m!les.

First: it’s my dad‘s 46th birthday is today.

Second: it’s CSS Naked Day. That’s why the page looks weird. I’ve taken all the styling off of it, so it’s only the HTML.

Third: it’s hecka late, and I’m completely dead.

Fourth: The play is this week! Check it out in the sidebar (for details). I think it’ll be a good time, but I won’t say that it hasn’t had it’s sacrifices.

Fifth: the gala was nice. I was planning an entire post on it, but my life has caught up with me. I will say that, while I’m not the best at social interactions, it was nice to dress up and eat a nice meal with my parents, brother, and girlfriend. Pictures are here. I also have video of Tony and Tyler.

Sixth: look over there!

Author: Miles Rausch

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