Accidental Hijynx


Water!, originally uploaded by m!les.

So, Holli came over to do a quiz for Art History, and she goes into the bathroom. I then hear, “Oh! Hunny! I don’t know what I did!” Water was gushing everywhere. Holli had gone in to wash her hands, and it just happened to be the last movement needed to break the facet from the pipe. A couple phone calls, a visit from Justin Nowick, and 4 inches of standing water later, all my towels were wet and the plumbers were scheduled to come the next morning. Of course, there are pictures.

Bytes in Brandon Valley

Let's Go!
Let’s Go!, originally uploaded by m!les.

They Bytes was asked to perform (with a message) to a college prep course. We met Mike down there, and the six of us did three games, a sketch (a skit with a large emphasis on improv and only an outline of events) about the dangers of binge drinking (plus a conversation), and some words about college life. It was toodles. I got some pictures.


Easter Dinner
Easter Dinner, originally uploaded by m!les.

I went home for Easter, and Holli went home for Easter. This year’s Easter was pretty laid back. We plaid guitar at church, and we made Ben’s spicy beans (These beans are so spicy that I cried the first time I ate them. I cried like a girl ignored at prom). We did bowling, too, which was nice. We played the crazy kind of Balderdash (David’s version). Then we had supper at Sue’s place and I brought Ben’s beans (The first time I ate these beans I cried. I cried like a Star Wars fan after Episode I). Then I went back to Madison. There are pictures.

Holli’s Birthday

Holli in her Birthday Suit
Holli in her Birthday Suit, originally uploaded by m!les.

Holli had her 20th birthday on the 15th. Unfortunately, we couldn’t celebrate until that Monday. So I gave her her presents: Adidas Moves for Women, markers, I wrote her a myth, a messenger bag (this present came days later, and I had to do a lot of sneaking to get her to go to her car for no reason and find it). You can read her post on the day. She was on duty for part of the time, but we headed down to Sioux Falls and ate at Ruby Tuesday (my first time ever – very very excellent), watched “Thank You For Smoking” (very funny and satirical), and got some Coldstone Ice Cream. I think she had a good day. Happy Birthday, Sweetie! Pictures are here.

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  1. I heard Thank you for smoking was really funny. Ruby Tuesday Delicious, Cold Stone the ice cream shop of the Gods.

  2. It was a super excellent day. But you can’t ever top breaking your boyfriend’s faucet and causing a “Flood of 93” in Apartment 2.

  3. Hi Miles,
    It was great to get to meet you last weekend – wow you guys helped SO MUCH! We couldn’t have done it without your help! Hey, my computer is doing the exact same thing it did before you fixed it. I suppose it updated itself overnight at some point. Is this something oyu could talk me through? What was the process that was opened when I try to opena file within Word? Any help you could provide would be greatly appreciated. Thanks mIles!!!!


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