I Am the Very Model of a Modern Miles-Rauschable

Lake Okoboji United Methodist Camp and Retreat Center

Three Crosses
Three Crosses, originally uploaded by m!les.

So, first there was the Okoboji camp, with Holli. That was nice. I got to meet those people in Holli’s life. I met Bryan (website here), Deb, Mandy, and Keith (website here), and one night we played Outburst at Mandy and Keith’s place (and I really suck at it). Felt a little like a hero when I fixed a computer issue in five minutes what Keith had tried an entire day previously to fix. It was largely because I had had the same problem earlier that week.

We prepared food, cooked food, set out food, brought back food, ate food, washed dishes, dried dishes, put away dishes, washed counters, and bleached counters. In the meantime, I finished The Voyage of the Dawn Treader (and I think it’s my favorite so far). Did some homework, went to Catholic mass in Spirit Lake (the priest forgot the name of the mass intention – *eek!*), got a tour, and then came back to Madison. Also, while cutting onions, I chopped into my finger. Then, minutes later, Holli did the same thing. We hate onions.

Pictures are here.

Honors Banquet

Holli, Mom
Holli, Mom, originally uploaded by m!les.

There was a banquet. They handed out awards to the students. It was a good meal, catered by DSU of course, and we all had to get all nice and dressed up. Mom managed to make it down for this. I got a certificate for graduating Cum Laude, for being a College Student Leader, for being an Outstanding DSU Artist, and for the Drama Club’s achievement of getting the Certificate of Merit (which I got because I’m the president). I am most proud of Outstanding DSU Artist, because I really devote a lot of my time to the arts and because (ironically) I’m not an art major. Afterward I made mom buy me a huge Mountain Dew, and she bought Holli something, too. It was SNOWING when we left.

Pictures are here.

Drama Club Stuff

The Drama Club had two meeting last week. One, on Monday, I couldn’t attend, but one on Wednesday I could. The major topic was Drama Club Kids Camp, which (despite being on the agenda since November) kinda snuck up on us. The Camp was set for Saturday and was geared toward middle school kids. In the end, only one girl signed up, so we had to cancel it. This left me feeling really let down, because I had high hopes for the Camp. I hope next year’s president decides to run with it again. It’s a good idea. On Sunday, then, we went to Augie to The Pirates of Penzance. It was a good show, very packed (good thing we reserved tickets), but I had a hard time understanding what was being said. It might have been the mic usage or our seats, but we made the best of it. I did really enjoyed the “I Am the Very Model of a Modern Major-General” song.

Pictures are going to be up soon.

And, as always, I have some video up, too.

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  1. that was my favorite song/part too! Except for when you had your arm around me. That was cool too.

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