Annual "Put Your Crap on Your Lawn" Week

Progeny Crap
Progeny Crap, originally uploaded by m!les.

I don’t know what is up with these people, but suddenly everyone, as if with one mind, starting putting their crap on their lawns. I don’t get it. So, I convinced Holli to drive me around while I took pictures of it. Some of it is fairly nice-looking stuff (see piano).

Then, today, I parked in front of some Crap on a Lawn, but I wasn’t sure if I could (I don’t want my car getting carted away as mistaken Crap Almost on Someone’s Lawn), so I looked down the block and located several other cars in front of crap. As I neared one, I discovered a sheet of paper stuck under the windshield wipers. Fearing it was a ticket, I looked at it. It read, in a clear, feminine script:

Next time you park behind someone, give them some f***ing room between their car and your f***ing piece of s***. Next time I’m going to just back right into your f***ing bumper and drive off, a**hole.

Happy “Put Your Crap on Your Lawn” Week! Pictures are here.

4 Replies to “Annual "Put Your Crap on Your Lawn" Week”

  1. Oops..haha, that was me. I didn’t think anyone would see it but that guy, especially not my boyfriend. And now it’s all over the internet. I guess everyone now knows the dark side of me. The secret’s out. (!)

  2. What the heck Miles! You take so many pictures of worthless crap and the one time I would have loved to see a picture of the note you don’t take a picture of it. Honestly! You dropped the ball.

  3. It’s called city wide cleanup. Anything you dont want you put at the end of your drive way and the garbage man come and picks it up. Watertown has it every spring.

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