I’m Gradjuwaiting!

My Graduation Invite

As if the title above, and Holli’s awesome graphic aren’t enough, then I should tell you that I am graduating on May 13th at 10:30am. I will get a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science and Mathematics for Information Systems. I will also graduate Cum Laude and as a Center of Excellence graduate. There will also be a partay (of sorts). All who can read are invited.

I just wanted to open up an opportunity to get together to celebrate the graduations of Miles and Bryce from their respective colleges. Both boys graduate from DSU and SMSU on the same day, May 13 and within a half hour of each other. Val and I will be splitting up and each attending a graduation and then home to compare notes. Now for the opportunity. Since both boys are graduating at the same time there is no way to be fair to both so… we are having a celebration meal here at our house in Big Stone City to congratulate them and also have a little party. I was thinking anytime in the early afternoon. Eat around 12 or so depending on how schedules work out.

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Let me know what you all think… Paula

I couldn’t have said it any better. But, wait. More details.

The Commencement march will begin promptly at 10:30 a.m. The ceremony will last about 90 minutes. There is no assigned seating for family and guests. [ … ] Arrangements have been made to make the graduation ceremony available live via the Internet. The link will be available on the DSU homepage, www.dsu.edu, on the day of the ceremony and for two weeks following the ceremony. It will then be moved to the alumni page. [ … ] We are pleased to announce that DSU has made arrangements through Jolesch Photography to provide photography services at the Spring 2006 Commencement ceremony. Jolesch will take two photos of each graduate – one on stage as the diploma is presented by President Knowlton and a second at the bottom of the stairs after crossing the stage.

Linda Brozik

Administrative Assistant to the President

I’ll eventually post about the Drama Club Banquet. Too much going on this week. Pictures will be are up, though. Video to follow soonly.

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  1. Unfortunately, I didn’t have a digital camera back then.

    Just imagine how big my Flickr account would be if I had!!

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