Drama Club Banquet

Oscar, Holli
Oscar, Holli, originally uploaded by m!les.

Fear the Turkey, the Drama Club, had a banquet on May 8th. Pictures are here.

Welcome and Introduction of MC

Lively Repartee: Miles Rausch (It Don’t Mean A Thing (If That Turkey Can’t Swing)) (video 1) (video 2)

Freshman Showcase Best Male Performer: David Rausch

Freshmen Showcase Best Female Performer: Carrie Bonine

Holly Smith and Lisa Stien hand out Drama Club gag gifts.

Theatre Service Awards: Miles Rausch, Holly Smith, Lisa Stien, Holli Gregg

Lively Repartee: Miles Rausch (Fear Thy Turkey Poem) (video 1) (video 2)

Best Cameo Award: Holly Smith

Best Supporting Actor: Andrew Welbig

Best Supporting Actress: Sara Harp

Best Actor: Miles Rausch

Best Actress: Adrienne Boese

Entertainment – Bob Jackson and Barb Hegg (video 1) (video 2)

Lively Repartee: Miles Rausch (My Oddisee Through DSU Theatre)

Outstanding Technical Theatre Award: Tiffany Rice

Outstanding Performer Award: Miles Rausch

Outstanding Turkey Member Award: Miles Rausch

Lively Repartee: Miles Rausch and Holli Gregg (Exploring The Race Issues Between Two Prominent Nations)

Theatre Appreciation Awards / Recognition of Student Employees and Departing Students

Lively Repartee: Miles Rausch (Whatever Will Be, Will Be (Hey Sara, Sara)) (video 1) (video 2)

Following the banquet, there was a meeting. We decided on officers for next year.

President: Lisa Stien, Treasurer: David Rausch, Secretary: Sara Harp. Homecoming Queen: Sara Harp, Homecoming King: David Rausch.

Then I went home and washed that gunk out of my hair.

In other artistic news, Beadle Hall published it’s latest edition of New Tricks, the literary magazine. Holli and I were both lucky enough to get works published. Holli had a photograph (which became the cover) and a graphic design (which you people have already seen) published. I had a poem called Hope and a short story called “Casio’s Dream” published. For the sake of curiousity, I discovered that the New Tricks site has an online version of their 2003 publication, in which I had a poem published.

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  1. I finally got around to checking out your newest blog. One unfortunate part of summer is that no one has the time to post and most of the people posting are all practically living with each other. But I vow to post today.
    Anyways, about this post, I wish you had a video of the whole thing and that’s too bad it was so dark in there.
    Loved Holli’s comments while filming. You could hear her laugh and of course the, “Ten seconds!”

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